Friday, June 29, 2012

Lil' Monsters in NYC: Circus Yoga, The High Line & Chelsea Market

During the Spring the boys {CJ is flying up front} and I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin O' Keefe {in the right hand corner w/glasses} who founded Circus Minimus, a one man circus-in-a-suitcase {that he found 27 yrs. ago outside of his NYC apartment}. Circus Minimus has traveled the world performing and teaching children of all ages that the ordinary person can do extraordinary things and has been proudly sponsored by Good Morning America, The Conan O'Brian show, Good Day New York, the NYC Parks Dept and the Children's Museum of Manhattan {just to name a few}. 

Kevin and his lovely wife Erin co-founded the practice and the community Circus Yoga {Erin is on the bottom of the pair doing the flying yoga in the top left of photo} which as stated on their website celebrates the whole community, the whole family & the whole person while fostering the spirit of play by providing a level playing field for people of all ages and abilities. Check out their video and catch a glimpse at what a circus yoga experience is like.

We managed to catch the couple, {who my friend Erin suggested we check out} and a few of their circus yogi friends on the High Line before joining them at a near by park across the street. The group had been asked to end their performance early by a High Line employee because it was drawing in an enormous crowd. Our son CJ had the opportunity to meet a few kids and try out some cool tricks using some of the props. 

At the park, CJ got to partake in a lil' impromptu circus yoga experience with a few students and loved every second of it! I'm glad he had this opportunity to just try new things and be a kid while connecting with other people and his dad through yoga & play.

It was a bit breezy by the water but Tristan Riley & I had fun cheering on CJ & their dad.

Tristan was making sure I was watching his big brother in action! Can't you just see CJ trying his new moves out on his baby brother across our living room?

CJ convinces his dad to come over and give circus yoga a try, so Kevin explained to my hesitant Hubby what he needed to do.

We really didn't know what to expect from a day of circus yoga but the boys had a good time, learning, relaxing and spending qt time together. The Hubby says he ended up using muscles he forgot he had, but appreciated the moment he and CJ shared doing something totally different from our normal day. At the end of it all Tristan Riley decided to get in on the fun too!

After all that playing around, we headed for a stroll on the High Line which is one of my favorite NYC treasures. This unique park is elevated above the busy streets of the Upper West side on historic freight train tracks. The hubby and I spent our anniversary there 2 years ago and you'll find quite a few couples canoodling {great for date nights} and families exploring.

There are awesome views of the Empire state building, great art installations, events, food vendors and several places to sit, chat and take in the scenery!  Here's just a few things you'd see on your walk but trust me you have to go for yourself, I know we are highly anticipating the opening of the 3rd phase.

CJ was channeling Jay-Z for this pose.

I'm sure quite a few of us can relate to this billboard, too funny!

Very interesting architecture, our fave thing to do is to try to peak into all the windows of the apartments we pass, yes we are a bit noisey but if they aren't going to invest in curtains I figure they must want us too look. We even spotted an artist who was enjoying the nice weather while hard at work, my Iphone/camera was dead by then but when we passed by again the piece was finished.

The monster ended up walking through this installation of streaming water and getting soaked, thank goodness we packed a change of clothes.

Beautiful views.

My sissy poo Nicole {on the left} & I love any reason to window shop, unfortunately this curated shop was only here in Chelsea through May 2012.

I love shiny gems like these Swarvoski elements at the Brooklyn Charm  booth. I was eyeing them for a Summertime DIY project.

After perusing through the Brooklyn Artist N' Flea's pop up shop we showed my sis around the Chelsea Market.

So many choices for eating drinking and shopping! Where to begin?

These were the coolest See no evil, Hear no eveil, Speak no evil monkies I'd ever seen. Loving the one on the the turntable.

Everywhere we looked there were couples and friends enjoying their lobster lunches. We remembered seeing a group of people having a lobster picnic at the park we were playing in and finally realized where they had gotten the lobster from, we were all salivating with jealousy.

Before the end of our day we made a wish at this water fountain that changed colors, it was definitely a popular spot for visitors to take photos.

I hope you enjoyed the pics of our day spent at the High Line & in Chelsea Market. If you haven't been there yet I hope the pics entice you to put both on your list of places to checkout in NYC and check their websites for upcoming events. If you've been there before do you have a favorite eatery or shop at Chelsea Market or a must see along the High line? Thanks in advance for sharing!

Bunches of Xoxo's

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