Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Nook Reads this Month 6.2012

This month's reads coincidentally all seem to echo in some form or another the same ideas of finding what works best for you as an individual and for your families. These days, opportunities in life have many of us torn between making the right decisions: where to live, career goals, whether to be in a relationship, the quality of those relationships and time spent with loved ones. Ultimately the goal is to live the best, fulfilling life for you, no matter what that entails.

I'm not sure that everything is done better by the Parisians but this is an insightful read for us moms and expecting moms looking for other methods to raise our children that seemingly work. Bringing up Bebe also proves to just be an entertaining, relate-able read.  Author Pamela Druckerman, an American journalist is mystified at how the French seem to raise "perfect" children who don't need to be bribed to eat healthy food,  do their nights {sleep through the nights} and are well behaved. 

While she and her husband raise their baby in Paris, Pamela receives advice from french parents who claim there is no ancient secret to good child rearing or the perfect model to follow. The one thing I did find interesting was the idea that American moms feel guilty for not spending enough quality time with their children. I'm not sure if it's just an "American" mommy feeling but I know while starting this blog, finishing graduate school and exploring a career in wedding coordinating it's an issue I myself am learning to maneuver through while keeping my sanity. 

Marie Claire June 2012: 

Jessica Alba looks absolutely stunning on this month's cover and the interview featured on her discusses how she's learned to dress for herself and how she seems to have effortlessly turned into a fashion icon while being a mother of 2, entrepreneur and actress.  If you haven't heard about it yet, check out her line of environmentally friendly baby products

Two other articles that seem to touch on issues that are so poignant right now for women are: The New 24hr Workday , which brings to light this new, modern work style that I too have fallen victim to. Women who crave or have fought for flexibility in their work schedules have actually inadvertently created a work day that never freakin' ends. Do you wake up first thing in the morning and check your email, are you on your cellphone while dropping your kids off at school or back on the computer as soon as you get home?  I'm constantly checking my email for events here in NYC, correspondence from my event planning boss and my graduate school field work supervisor, and updates to my Google reader.  My Husband constantly gets on me about grabbing my Iphone from under my pillow as soon as my alarm goes off. Just the other night he teasingly joked he'd give his wedding band to the computer as his replacement.  I am realizing I'm not alone and a lot of us are having a hard time keeping home & work life separate especially when so much of it happens between diaper changes, deadlines, the kids after school activities and everything in between.  

Although I  haven't been single in almost ten years I have quite a few girlfriends who are 30 something and single, or in a long term relationship but prefer not to be married and are comfortable and aren't planning anytime soon to fix what isn't broken. The article Love and the single girl  gives insight into how a great deal of women are just fine being solo these days despite men like Rush Limbaugh & Steve Harvey who find they need to have some dude put a ring on it! I'm in complete agreeance that a woman shouldn't be defined solely by her relationship status but  by her achievements in it's entirety.

Parents June 2012: I am in complete awe of The first family and admire how well they seem to be handling & balancing the political spotlight and everyday life. First lady Michelle Obama graces the cover and the feature discusses the White House garden, the countries fight against obesity and how to raise healthy kids. I love the fact that the Obama's despite hectic schedules make an effort to sit down to the table for dinner every night at 6:30pm as a family. Although it's a great way to connect family members it really doesn't seem to be a common evening routine anymore like many of us remember as kids.

Parents magazine always features some of the cutest finds for kids and these Zooligan shoes and the book Darth Vader and son  look really fun. There are also some great boredom busters with 20 smart toys to help get us parents and the kiddies through the summer.

Paris My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light {and Dark Chocolate}: {author Amy Thomas} Any book that celebrates a love of Food, Paris and New York City is all right by me! Amy leaves Manhattan for a dream job in Paris, and finds herself torn between the two fabulous cities {poor girl, yea right} but nothing a sweet decadent treat couldn't remedy. "Amy Thomas seduces us in the same manner that Paris seduced her - one exquisite morsel at a time." ~ Nichole Robertson, author of Paris in Color. I'm glad I'm not the one to have to make a decision between Paris and New York.

I'd love to know what's in you e-reader this month & what books or magazines would you recommend? 

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