Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {# 6}

This past week was pretty low key, work and more work & Qt time with my family is always cause for jubilation. Here's a peek at how I spent my week 6.4.2012 ~ 6.10.2012:

The PTA at the school put together a cultural feast for all the teacher, my eyes were much bigger than my stomach!

While my boys spent their Brooklyn Queens day at home, I spent the day at a teacher professional development meeting, completely daydreaming after lunch.

Don't you love when a rainbow appears after a storm? Simply beautiful.

I couldn't decide between Over the Rainbow or Hot & Spicy so I did them both for this weeks "me time" pedicure.

We let the rain clouds scare us away on Saturday but we made it out to Governors Island on a gorgeous Sunday for Figment. CJ was excite to see the Statue of Liberty, The Hubby and I try to spend as much time together on the weekends & Tristan was content walking through the grass.

Mission accomplished! Up close and personal photo with Lady Liberty, and I didn't need to fight off a swarm of people to get it.

1. We saw this guy hop out of the cab as we got to the ferry entrance, he completely proved my point that Figment is just an excuse for crazy New Yorkers to express how they wish they could be everyday.
2. Awesome, neon colored musical tree-house.
3. A few artists at work.

1. Random hanging dream catcher.
2. Let the clouds take you away and escape reality on a blanket.
3. Grab a paintbrush!
4. Idle capacity is a myriad of possibility. 

Everybody loves KungFu fighting!

Tristan got one of those bubble blower guns as a present and as you can see, he's thrilled!

We missed the Puerto Rican parade on Sunday, but I know those in attendance salsa'd the day away!

Next time I take a Java chip frappucino break at Starbucks I'm picking this up, maybe it'll help with my dreaming of Paris.

Subway Swag: pink polo + seersucker pants on the downtown 4 train. Loving this look!

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Bunches of Xoxo's

*images taken with camera+ and picstitch Apps.

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