Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wishing I worked as an "O" Magazine Contributor : The Dish

One of my fave magazines is by far Oprah's "O" magazine which is inspiring, uplifting, honest and motivating. It's helped me realize and question a lot of things about myself that normally I might not give a second thought to. Since I will never have the writing chops to be one of her magazine staff members I thought answering questions from one of it's columns where various themed topic questions are posed to her contributors would be a great way for you guys to get to know me better.

Growing up, I used to pretend to write up newspapers for my parents, I'd have stories on runaway kids, big lottery winners, beauty features and even created a comic section because it was my moms favorite Sunday morning read. I would slip it under the bedroom door and anticipate their rave reviews. Looking back on my high school years jotting down stories of young love and parent drama, I can recall my parents not being so enthused about me keeping all my feelings trapped in a book. It was my outlet when I felt I couldn't get a word in with my dad or that my mom just didn't have the time to understand. 

With my love of poetry reads like Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam and anything written by Maya Angelou and my addiction to magazines {I'd spend my lunch money on the latest seventeen magazine and live off a quarter bag of chips till dinner} I do regret not pursuing a professional writing career in some form. Which in turn is probably one of the biggest driving forces behind me starting this blog, writing was a piece of me that somewhere down the line I had loss.

OK, so enough with the serious ramblings and on to this new series I'm testing out and hope to post once a month. I am lucky enough to still have "O"  issues that go back to April of this year to start off with. Usually I give my magazines away, especially if I also receive the subscription on my Nook {I must admit though there is nothing like flipping through the actual pages, or ripping out an item I'm coveting}.

4.2012 ~ The Dish  : My Idea of a delicious...

Dessert: The older I've gotten the less fond of chocolate I've become. It's a toss up between Tiramisu and 
               cheesecake, both are decadent and I need a cup of coffee to truly enjoy because they can be so 

Comfort Food: A pint of Haagen Dasz chocolate chip ice cream makes everything better!

Place: Any NYC street fair, hand me a corn on the cob, an Italian sausage, cotton candy and a
           lemonade and I'm a happy girl. I never feel guilty about eating all that because I'm just
           going to walk it off perusing through all the vendors. The money I spend will make me feel a bit   

Sandwich: Any kind my Hubby will make me, he turns everything into a sandwich stacked large enough for
                   two people to devour.

Dinner Date: It's hard to plan a sporadic night out sans the kids so we usually take our boys and invite 
                       the rest of the family with us to The Thai & Japanese fusion restaurant Kyoto, which is only            
                       3 blocks away from where we live. Whenever we go it's an absolute must that the boys and I    
                       order the rocket shrimp, pineapple rice, calamari and edamame, and that's just the 

Book: Juicing for life, because I've been trying to discover new ways to supplement that not-so-
           good for me stuff I eat, for something that I can tolerate when I have a Crohns disease flare-up.

I'm hoping this new monthly post will bring a little more personal insight in to who I am. I think it will force me to be more honest with you, my readers. In case you are wondering I chose this humorous pic because he reminded me of what my inner chunky girl wishes a Saturday afternoon was filled with.

Bunches of Xoxo's


  1. This is great, Dellah! And thank you so much for your comment today - I loved it! You're right, I have NO excuses - I aspire to be as active and motivated as you and your boys! :)

  2. Thanks Shoko, It's all a work in progress. I've been trying to figure out ways to ignite conversation on the actual blog. Oh, I know its crazy sometimes, my boys don't always want to hit the streets, and I'm learning to enjoy being home a bit more, I have this ridiculous need to be outside. When the sun is out it's hard for me to be indoors, I get really cranky! Please do take advantage of the city more



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