Thursday, June 21, 2012

TRENDscending Time: Wrapped up in Head Scarves

I'm oh so familiar with the "headscarf" because chances are my hair is wrapped before I settle in for the night and I need a scarf to keep the pins in place, or I need the satin buffer from the pillowcase when my hair is
au natural {a.k.a kinky curly} and I don't want it to get frizzed out. The oh-so-gorgeous and fashionable, blogger Keiko Lynn is all over Pinterest wearing a floral scarf for her simple tutorial post and I found this fabulous video on 10 creative ways to adorn your scarf this summer. My fave looks are the Crazy Pirate, the Gypsy knot and the Bow which reminds me of Susie the Riveter {red and polka dots}.

The head scarf  has been around forever and is definitely a must have accessory that adds a fun yet chic touch in solids or crazy prints. I told the Hubby what this post was on and he is shaking his head at me right now because he used to tell me to buy these short cute scarves from street fairs here in NYC all the time {he's the fashion forward one}. I had a brief stint with them years ago in high school, but now they just sit in the back of a drawer. I'm glad to see these women rocking this trend in various ways {unlike me} outside of their home. Maybe I'll need to grab up a few new ones at a flea sometime soon. Are you a fan of head scarves? What's your fave way to rock one?

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