Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at my Week on Instagram {# 12}

With our 2nd half of Summer practically planned out, I definitely enjoy quiet evenings at home when the boys are sleep and it's just me and the t.v.

I love Kermie, this billboard made me smile.

Free Broadway show performances like Cirque Du Soleils Zarkana & my favorite people {Rachel, my boys, & Venesa}to watch it with, make for a great lunch at Bryant Park.

There were two parts to this breakfast:: My cup of coffee with Pooh bear and a cheese pastry I was craving and then the Hubby whipped up some fried eggs with jerk turkey and avocado, beyond tasty!

CJ's bed is decked out in colorful anf fun Ikea bedding. 

After I finished my teaching field work in June my two mentors gave me this bag that I've been rockin' everyday. It's my new "diaper" bag and stays at the door packed and ready to go. 

I know he {the Hubby} loves me because he knows the way to my heart is with food, especially ice cream. 

I enjoyed my scoop of Java chip and it inspired me to jump on Pinterest in search of other cool treats.

This Sunday we headed to Juniper park for my friend Marta's son Lucas's 5th birthday party and it was probably more fun for the grownups then the kids. The Hubby and CJ are calling for a tug-of-war rematch because the grownup on the other team used two hands instead of one.

Tristan Riley's sour face.

4 month old bulldog Coco is the sweetest pup I've ever met. Her owner let her stay with me for 20 minutes because we seemed to share a mutual love for each other. Where's the getaway car when you need it? I could've taken her home with us.


Long time friends enjoying the day: Judtya {w/Susie on her lap}, Marta, me {w/Tristan Riley} and Venesa.

I hope you enjoyed the peek at my week. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @dellahsjubilation.

Bunches of Xoxo's

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