Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {#13}

Happy Monday! How was your week?  I've been in great discussion with the Hubby as I debate going back to work {part time or full time} and what would be best for our family. Decisions, decisions, decisions... in the meantime I'm enjoying every Summer moment we have left.

I realized the boys and I had been stuck in the house since last weekend, held prisoner to threats of thunderstorms. Which meant a lot of cooking for the Hubby and double the eating for me. This photo of my pastrami, fried egg, cheese and avocado sandwich was an amazing start to the day.

Tristan Riley has taken it upon himself to start his potty training, & I think other than the tissue sniffing he understands the process. I better jump on it before he takes matters further into his own hands.

Did you ever see the film "The Neverending Story"? this photo I took from our living room window reminded  me of the darkness called the Nothing that took over. All you 80's babies will get it.  

Another breakfast courtesy of the Hubby, enjoyed while watching Breaking Bad on Netlfix.

National Dance day was this Saturday. The boys & I love any reason to get up and move to a catchy beat {images found on Pinterest}.

Tristan Riley & I enjoyed a rainy day story time before his afternoon nap.The song "You are my Sunshine" has been a favorite for me & the boys since the Hubby and I started dating nearly 10 years ago. When we found this book at the New York Baby show earlier this year we had to have it.

Seeing as we hadn't been out in a while {sans the kids} we jumped at the chance to head into the city for our friend Drew's Birthday. We bribed my sis Nicole to babysit the boys with this Tiger Shrimp & pasta dish the Hubby made.

{Top left} The Hubby (on the left) & Drew cheering to another year of life. // We were watching the Olympics opening ceremony from the bar at Tonic while I snapped this pic of us. // It's always good times with Tina {Drew's girlfriend} and Ms. J, can't wait for the next get together. 

On Sunday despite the threats of rain, we headed to the Bronx Zoo and the storm clouds stayed away, allowing us to have a great time without the usual crowds of people {they must've been scared of the forecast}. That sculpture of the Gorilla was made of Lego's and took 350 hours to make. Pretty dang amazing, another visitor and I joked seeing that we can't get our kids to keep still for more than 35 minutes.

Tristan Riley was thrilled when the carousel ride was over, it clearly wasn't his favorite part of the day. However the boys did get a kick out of searching for the prairie dogs, which brought back memories of when I was kid with my cousins, popping my head out of those same tunnels.

There were a few sun showers as we started to exit the zoo but our visit turned out to be the perfect ending to a great weekend! I hope you all lived in the moment and had a productive week! 

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Bunches of Xoxo's

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