Thursday, November 22, 2012

Despite our Circumstances Let's be Thankful!

I can't even express fully in words how elated I am to be writing to you all after a nearly four month hiatus from blogging... I am so thankful!

Right now I'm writing this post at 6am with "Winter Songs" a funky mix of various artists {my fave is Alice Smith's version of Silver Bells} playing on Spotify in the background and the smell of my hubby's delish Thanksgiving throw-down of marshmallow and raisin topped yams, pineapple glazed ham, three types of mac & cheese and more, filling the house as he, my brother and the monsters enjoy dreamland. I thought we'd head out to the parade but I hate to wake them, which is ok because the quiet has led me back to my comfy ottoman in front of my computer to blog!

Time flies when you are dealing with life, doesn't it? I can't believe this year is nearly over and that the holidays have snuck up on me, and I'm sure many of you once again. Yet despite my circumstance I still have so much to be thankful for and to look forward to:

1. I am thankful to live in a city filled with resilient people who manage to survive everyday life as well as the unexpected devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. I am not without WANT's but realize how unimportant those things are because I have what I NEED. With an uncle fighting for his life over the last two weeks in the hospital, the word PERSEVERANCE constantly resonates with me as he and those who lost so much in the storm continue to keep pushing forward!

2. I am thankful to have the support system I have within my family and friends that have been there for me/us through the good the bad and the ugly. My love for them is not measurable, they have been there for me just to listen to me vent, to support our dreams and cheer us on, to spend qt time with the hubby, my monsters and myself and they make it a point to never feed into my self-pity parties I may have on occasion. I will forever be grateful to have them in our lives and I hope we are for them what they are to us. I look forward to more  inspiring, conversation filled dinners, slumber parties, random phone calls and everyday celebrations.

3. I am thankful for my new jobs of passion as an assistant wedding coordinator for MyBridalBudget where I get to partake in helping my childhood friend/ Boss Fouzia create, oversee and witness beautiful unions & celebrations of love. I look forward to learning more and being apart of the company's growth while working with the fabulous MBB team! This fall I started as a first grade cooperative teacher at a public school on the Upper West Side and everyday in the classroom I feel I'm learning something new and I'm excited to be apart of these students educational foundation. I look forward to completing my Masters degree and all the little lives I can positively influence.

4. I am thankful to  have learned to give myself a little more "ME" time, especially in the form of becoming more physically fit. I've managed to join a running group, attend yoga once a week and scheduled gym sessions with a trainer and friends. I look forward to a more consistent regimen but the seed has been planted and I'm ready to nurture it!

5. Lastly, I am thankful to be writing and channeling all the creative energy I can't seem to ignore. When I reached the blogs one year anniversary Aug. 30th of this year I didn't want to celebrate because I hadn't found the voice of Dellah's Jubilation or I couldn't commit to it the way I wanted and was just putting too much pressure on myself.  I reached out to Shoko of the blog Sho and Tell because I love and admire her honest, quirky/fun and reflective posts and from reading her posts I felt like she was one of my chicas. Her response was so positive and couldn't have come at a better time {a week prior to my last post, which was the day I realized I needed to take a break}.
Hi Dellah,
.....It's a total challenge to juggle everything, and it's such a huge time commitment to post regularly. And when you feel like no one is reading, it can be such a drag. You should know, though, that your blog is lovely - your positivity and exuberance come through so clearly, and your family is beautiful. You're adventurous, approachable, and kind, and those are all things that I'm sure your readers love and appreciate. Just because you're not getting comments doesn't mean that no one's out there - people are..... If you're having fun and enjoying the process, focus on that enjoyment. On the flip side, if it's stressing you out or making you sad, maybe consider taking a break - you can always come back to it later. 
xo Shoko 

 I'm thankful she took the time to write back to a stranger. 

I hope that you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving and I wish you and your loved ones continued blessings!
Bunches of Xoxo's


  1. Glad you have such wonderful things to be thankful for.I've read and love each and every blog entry that you've made since inception (although I may not always comment). I'm sure that there are many more quiet readers out there. Remain encouraged and keep blogging!

  2. I'm honored to be mentioned here, Dellah - thank you!!

  3. I'm reading D. so keep posting! :) I especially want to hear about your wedding planning adventures.

  4. Thank you ladies, I'm glad you are enjoying and I will continue to blog as long as it remains a cause for jubilation :)



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