Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

Oh thank goodness we made it to Friday! I've been battling a horrible cough, possibly strep throat since the Friday after thanksgiving. I sounded so scary in class yesterday that my students kept telling me I should have stayed home... so today is a sick day. I wish that meant someone would be catering to me as I slept in but no such luck. It does mean lots of amazing, honey & lemon soothing tea and a marathon of Pixar movies with my monster Tristan, who after every time I cough asks "You ok mommy? you ok?" with true concern. 

It seems we've been at my parents house every weekend for the last month or so, this weekend it's because we are having our floors redone. It's always great to go back to your "childhood home" especially when you're sick because your own mom is there to take care of you, there's someone there who doesn't mind entertaining the kids and you can even get an impromptu nap. For me it also means a family night viewing of the latest episode of the Walking Dead. What do you have in store for the weekend? With black Friday, small business Saturday and cyber Monday behind us have you gotten all your holiday shopping done? If not check back later for the first Holiday Gift Guide post {I've been hard at work on my secret Pinterest Board} here on the blog for some gift giving inspiration.

 In the meantime here's a few of my fave links to carry you though the weekend :

An out of the box art installation using crayons.

Three words... Ice Cream Taco... enough said!

Look no further for the perfect holiday gift! An  Etsy Pop-up shop  with fabulous curators, opened up yesterday in Soho!

A gender neutral easy bake oven is beyond overdue.

Trending Now: Collar Necklaces. I've been showing my love for them and Peter Pan Collars on Pinterest.

Small NYC apartments with a big punch of detail.

A super cute mini forest advent calendar.

This ring is on my wishlist.

Thanks for LINKing up today, I hope you live in the moment and enjoy your weekend!
Bunches of Xoxo's 

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