Monday, February 25, 2013

Matchmaking Underground with the Love Conductor

 I've always found that riding the subway is the perfect way for me to catch up on my latest magazine reads and when I remember to bring it, I tune out to some music on the Ipod or even better I enjoy a light snooze before returning home to the boys.  A NYC  subway ride is also a great way to people watch and scope out all the good -looking, quirky people standing on the same platform as you or sitting across from you trying not to make obvious eye contact while stuck in a tunnel waiting for that annoying train congestion to pass. Well rather than pretending to be playing Temple Run 2 on your phone when that sexy looking guy or gal catches you starring their way, why not muster up the courage to chat them up? Yea right! the farthest many of you probably get is to give them a polite, yet awkward smirk and then go back to acting like you aren't curious about getting to know them better above ground.

That's where Erika Christensen who runs Train Spottings comes in {I read about her while flipping through my Time Out NY on the E train}, she's the matchmaker of the NYC Subway lines and hooks up single ladies and gents who she thinks may be a good fit for each other. Basically she sets you up on a completely blind date {no photo's, no profiles} with some other creative, fabulous New Yorker. On her site you can even post a description { Red-Beats wearing, bearded fella, curly hair with lots of swag sporting a checkered backpack and got off at 42nd street Bryant Park} about that person you were ogling over, but chickened out of approaching or even better they are signed up to the site too and a kismet hook-up can be made! I really love her belief that the Subway advice {those phrases that are broken up & barely heard through the speakers from the conductors} can be applied to our love lives and bring complete strangers together! Check out the site for advice on: Standing clear of closing doors, Minding the gap, If you see something say something and Improving Non-stop!

So what do you think, would you be willing to give the Love Conductor a try to help you find love, or at least a fun opportunity to connect with another great New Yorker like yourself? 

Image via: Train Spotting site

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  1. this is such an amazing idea! i love it - how smart :)



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