Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh Snaps! A Peek at our July Stay-cation on Instagram


Now that July has come and gone, I'm praying that time will just slow down so that we can enjoy our stay-cation just a little longer. I thought I'd share a few pics of how the Hubby, monsters and I have been living in the moment and enjoying life. You"ll have to forgive me for not posting sooner about our NYC adventures as I have been trying to keep the boys busy while battling with a few Crohns disease flare-ups that have been leaving me exhausted. Despite it all we've been trying to get out as the countdown to back to school has begun, and I know this all imminent reality because we've already hit up the target back to school sale. 

           // Brooklyn Bridge Park & Jane's Carousel have become our home away from home .//
             // Discovered these modern day colorful nesting dolls in the window of BoConcept. //
// "It feels like I'm flying mommy" CJ loves the FREE Track & Field with City Parks Foundation.//
// Watermelon Margaritas are a great way to get through Mercury being in Retrograde, don't you think? //
            // Kept it local this 4th of July and watched the fireworks from our rooftop lounge. //
// Ah hoy Maties!My lil pirates enjoyed all the performances at SummerStage Kids family day. //
//  I love sharing games like Candyland from my childhood with the boys, and they loved winning. // 
          // I took in a beautiful, calming sunset over the Bklyn Bridge with a childhood friend. //
// Scrabble tiles & 3D glasses were just some of the nostalgic touches at a ReBar wedding I assisted with. //

// We deemed this our "Cosby" family photo on a stoop as we took a break from the Urban Lawn party. //
                    // Here comes Trouble! Who's looking to get soaked? Happy 6th Birthday Lucas. //
                                           // Mommy & son qt time over two interesting reads. //
// That feeling of overwhelming excitement as CJ and kids we volunteered to chaperon on a community                                field trip,  glance out the window of the F train and spot Coney Island. //
                                                // The WONDER WHEEL in all it's iconic glory. //
// My bestie had to kick off her fabulous Zaras shoes and relax her feet at the end of a BaubleBar event. //
// Bad parenting is allowing your spider-man obsessed toddler to try on a hoodie you aren't planning to buy.//
     // My favorite section in all of Barnes and Nobles and B is for Brooklyn is being added to our library.//
              // Can you blame him for being amazed by the millions of colorful balloons in Pixar's UP?//

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our July stay-cation and if you'd like to see more pics of our day to day and NYC adventures check out my Instagram @Dellahsjubilation

Bunches of Xoxo's

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