Friday, September 27, 2013

Lil' Monsters in NYC: Ain't No Party, Like an Urban Lawn Party

One of the best things about Summers in NYC are the abundance of fun-filled street fairs, block parties and festivals in some of the best neighborhoods on the weekends. The Urban Lawn Party hosted by the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce is by far a great one to check out for kid-friendly activities, tasty treats {even for your fury friends} and lovely vendors providing services and giveaways. Oh and not to mention, everything was absolutely FREE!

As soon as we arrived the boys jumped right in and grabbed colorful paints and a few brushes to contribute to the Sherwin Williams mural. They also took out the time to write, cheerful notes that they decorated for the elderly that received food deliveries from Meals on Wheels {pictured in middle,top row of first collage}.

One of the most popular activity tables for the kiddies was the milkPOP shop, where mini artists used puffy paints and vibrant hued markers to decorate their own tee's and totes that were illustrated with fun characters and doodles. The founder, Jena S. was extremely encouraging and sweet with the kids and would create drawings right on the spot. I really loved that through their promotion of cultural unity milkPOP had the children help decorate a mural in honor of Trayvon Martin and unity through creativity.

Giggles, high jumps + a teary eyed monster in the bouncy house.

This monster was so not amused by all the stunts his big brother CJ attempted while he got jolted around uncontrollably from side to side. To cheer him up he suckered his daddy into standing on line for some yummy frozen treats from Imperial Woodpecker Sno Balls.

It didn't take long at all for those crocodile tears to fade. We tried out the Cotton Candy and Tiger Blood flavors and can't wait to indulge in the other 44 choices from their menu. Grabbing sno balls was a great relief from the city heat.

Since we were just hangin' out on the stoop we figured it would be a great time for some family pics and these are by far our favorites. We've been told the photo of the four of us at the top of this page reminded people of a modern day "Cosby ShowFamily" and ironically we've been on a Cosby show mararthon on Hulu. 

Sweet Generation had some of the moistest and sweetest cookies and cupcakes we had ever tasted. The boys really enjoyed getting to sit down and decorate these scrumptious baked goods. The online bake shop is known as 21st century bake sale, on steroids {I love it}! and was created to help fund the art programs in the community.

Visitors at the Urban Lawn party got to enjoy massages and beautifully designed henna tattoos, while others got their hair colorfully spray painted and participated in games, leisurely strolled & lounged around on imported grass.

Even the Pets could get in on the fun with some pampering from the doggie boutique and organic treat shoppe withloveivan .

Since he was really little, CJ has always begged us to let him ride on one of those double-decker buses we always see around the city and although this one was stationary he was fine with just being able to head up to the top and thought it was pretty awesome that he had the entire bus to himself.

Even though it was scorching hot that day, I'm sure everyone who stopped by the Urban Lawn party truly enjoyed themselves with all there was to do. It was the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon and a great stay-cation memory for us and the monsters!

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