Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Aged in Forest Hills + The Dumbo Arts Festival

One of the best things about Sundays is that sometimes I try my best to make the time to catch up with family and friends over a great meal and usually we'll check out an art exhibit or head to a park or whatever our hearts fancy. I thought It'd be fun to share those Sunday meals and adventures with you guys in hopes that you'd discover a new place to fill your tummies or a unique, fun place to visit.

Two weeks ago, my bestie Natacha and I headed to Aged in Forest Hills, Queens where we sipped on unlimited champagne while catching up on all our September happenings. I indulged in their light but perfectly sweet Queens Croissant french toast {pictured above}.While discussing our plans to check out the Dumbo Arts Festival she admitted she hadn't been to Brooklyn Bridge Park before. Not that I ever need an excuse to head to Dumbo but I was friggin' thrilled I could play her tour guide and show her, what I think of as my "serenity spot". I knew we'd definitely have to pass by a few of my favorite shops {I plan to share a few in an upcoming post} while we walked from York street to Pier 1 checking out all the street art, performers and installations. 

          Ceci Est Un Ceci Est Un Coeur // Street performers // Macarons // Who's Chelsea Manning ?

My absolute favorite was Robots Will Kill, I think they are so friggin cute!

We couldn't have asked for better weather, visitors were out enjoying the art, kayaking and skyline views. 

These adorable girls seemed in awe of the love locks that have been popping up on Pier 1.

Playing Tourists and snapping photos.

The Random Fortune Generator {I couldn't find details on DAF site} "Not being seen but being able to see"
I of course wanted to write down "Live in the Moment" but the line was monstrous.

If you've been to this years festival, what would you say was a must see?

I hope you guys enjoyed this first of many posts in the series "Sunday Brunch" and always remember to 
"Love Life and Live in the Moments".

To hold you over until next years Dumbo Arts Festival, here's some more photos from Instagram and video's highlighting DAF13 Day 1 ,  DAF13 Day 2  and DAF13 Day 3. Enjoy!

Bunches of Xoxo's


  1. Oh maaan, that food looks amazing! Loving all of your pics lady ;)

    xx -b.



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