Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elated with Etsy : Shop Spotlight on Charlie Be Good

This time of year I start contemplating our color palette for holiday decor in our house and once that's figured out I go on to planning our family outfits for our holiday card. We used to go to those mall portrait studios but we've since learned after our oldest had a horrific toddler tantrum {picture a bloody nose all over their faux white fur rug & nerve-wracking crying that signaled all the judgmental stares from parents much older than we were} that we'd just have a family member snap a pic of us with our cellphones in the comfort of our own apartment. Gotta Keep it simple during the holidays, right?

Usually we include our terrier Sonic in pictures with the boys individually because we've never successfully pulled off a family photo with the dog and both kids looking in the same direction. We thought we'd attempt at trying to get him in the family picture this year. We've chosen the color scheme of berry colors {think purples, burgundies and blues} with accents of black or gold. Since it seemed like a sophisticated choice we think we'll get Sonic all snazzy and get him a bow tie.

Right away I headed to Etsy.com and discovered the shop CharlieBeGood, which sells super cute, handmade bow-ties, collars, leashes, dog beds and carriers at really affordable prices. The boys and I agree that the Purple Polka-dots bow tie {last picture featured} will be so perfect and we're hopeful that Sonic won't get too distracted by it, long enough to snap a good picture! Do you include your pets in your family holiday photo's? For laughs here's a few awkward holiday pet portraits and 5 tips to get the best holiday pet photo and I wish you all lots of luck with your holiday picture taking!

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