Monday, November 11, 2013

A Cause for Jubilation: Delicatessen with Love




Cayman Islands



My husband always tells me stories of how his fascination and passion for food grew out of the moments he shared in the kitchen with his Jamaican born grandmother as he grew up. The family would anxiously await for dinner and compliment her on the dish, when really she had only just begun with a mixture of onions, curry or basil that would fill the room and tease their tummies. While watching Fay who hosts Cook Like a Jamaican, guide viewers through her recipes she'd share, my hubby felt like he was transported back to his childhood apartment, her voice reminding him of his grandmothers and the stories she told him.

This time of year always brings back memories for me of huge family dinners on the Lower East Side where my gramps threw on her red apron, started singing gospel songs and got to work in the kitchen, with her grey sassy cat Gracie beneath her feet. The photo series Delicatessen with love  features beautiful grandmothers from around the world sharing their best recipes and meals created in their own kitchens. My hubby and I both lost our maternal grandmothers the same year but this series brought back such warm memories of watching them with admiration and love, as they took care of their families by nurturing our bellies and souls. What are your fondest memories of your grandmother in the kitchen?

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