Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowy Day fun with Citrus Lane

I'd always been curious about the various gift subscriptions that are out there for kids, so when a friend had asked what she should gift Tristan for the holidays, I requested a subscription to Citrus Lane. What parent doesn't appreciate, monthly hand picked, age appropriate products for their children, delivered right to their door? Each month a box is sent, tailored to your child's age group from some of the most well trusted brands like: Plan Toys, Weleda, Aden + Anais and Skip Hop. Items chosen for each age group vary from toys and games that are engaging or encourage pretend play, to arts and crafts, snacks, lunch bags and more! My son Tristan didn't know he was getting a special package and when he opened his preschool 3-4yr old January14 box he was super excited. 

With all the snow we've been getting and cabin fever setting in, the items that were in the January14 box were perfect for my 3yr. old.

The Zig Zag Zebra coloring book from Barefoot Books {$4.19} is perfect for age 3-7 and will keep your lil' monster busy while encouraging creativity. Tristan is at that great stage where he wants to pull every book of the shelf to read, and grabs his crayons to color & draw and is then thrilled to show us his newest masterpiece. This book isn't just for coloring though, it helps kids with shape recognition, line drawing and reading through simple activities and it's perfect to take on subway rides, and while in the waiting room.

Duo Tip Washable Markers from Faber-Castel {$4.99} were also included which are recommended for ages 4+ but they are pretty easy to use, so kids even younger could use. I love that the markers are double sided with a wide and thin tip and the best feature is that they are made from food-grade vegetable dye, making it easy to remove them from clothes, or in our case a small spot on the couch.

We haven't had the chance to use the Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief from Mommy's Bliss {$9.99} but I'm a huge fan of products that use safe, all natural ingredients. There are single dose packets included that are free from gluten, dairy soy and sugar & will help ease indigestion and nausea.

Out of all the items included Tristan's favorite by far was the Fruit Set from Plan Toys {This set is exclusive to Citrus lane, follow link for similar 3 items priced at $7.99 but doesn't include knife, so let's round to $10}. On the weekends you can find Tristan in his toy kitchen playing restaurant with his older brother and serving up dishes inspired by watching his daddy in the kitchen {nope, this mom doesn't cook, but I can make a kitchen spotless}. This fruit set includes 3 different fruits and a knife that are all made from recycled rubberwood. Tristan loved that he could slice his fruit to make a salad and when he's all done they stick back together with Velcro and can be put back in their drawstring bag.


I was very satisfied with our first box and we've been eagerly checking to see if we have any new packages waiting for us. With everything estimated to be a total of $30 if purchased separately and not including shipping I find the subscription to be worth it and I enjoy the surprise of opening the box with my lil' monster. I am curious as to how varied the boxes are in the same age group from month to month, as I read some reviews in which parents said they got duplicate or very simialir products later on. Ultimately I think this monthly subscription is a great deal,  a 3 month subscription is $24 and a 6 month subscription is $21 making them worthy options and if interested in a yearly subscription the price is only $19. I'll be sure to show you guys what's in our February box. 

Are you currently subscribing to Citrus Lane, are you and your lil' monster enjoying your monthly surprise? Would you recommend any other monthly subscriptions, please do tell!

*This is not a sponsored post, the opinions expressed are 100% solely mine. I received no compensation.

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