Monday, February 10, 2014

Living in the Moments: A Night Out with Celebrity Stylist & Rock-star Mom, June Ambrose

Sometime's the most unexpected moments in life are the most inspiring! Last Tuesday celebrity stylist June Ambrose held an Instagram contest asking fans why we should be chosen to attend her eyewear launch party. I've been a huge fan of June for years, not only because she styles the likes of  Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy and Jay-Z but because while grinding and fulfilling her dreams she is a fully committed mother and wife, who before & after meetings, fittings and shows makes it a priority to wake up at 5am to hit the gym, take her kids to school and cook dinner daily {Yes we are all waiting patiently for her cooking chronicles to hit bookstores} all while sharing these moments in the "Juniverse" with her fans across her Instagram feed and other social media.

Not that I thought I'd even be selected but I figured with my birthday being the day prior to the contest and having just spent twenty, some odd days in the hospital and having major emergency surgery, I could truly use a fun night out. I was one of fifteen chosen on Instagram to attend June Ambrose's launch of her new eyewear collection at Selima Optique in Soho which was hosted by her friend {and fellow rockmom} maternity, lifestyle maven Latham Thomas of Mama Glow.  June's energy and spirit was contagious, we really couldn't help but smile right along with her. When we arrived at Selima Optique, we didn't know what to expect but were thrilled to be there. June was in the midst of taping but took a few minutes to welcome the Instagram winners {coincidentally about half of us arrived at the same time, she jokingly asked if we all took the same bus} with big hugs, as if we were long time girlfriends. As aspiring designers, stylists {like my sissy Nicole who was my guest and the instagrammers posted above, bottom right} and make-up artists, the chosen instagrammers  took full advantage of chatting it up with June, who gladly shared her advise and expertise. 

Despite the cold and slush, several notable and not to mention lovely guests and friends of June came out to celebrate June's eyewear launch and to kick of New York Fashion Week: Lisa Price founder of Carols Daughter, June's assistants Eli and Tukie {whose skin was so gorgeous in her admittedly inexpensive Maybelline foundation}, Dina Manzo of reality show New Jersey Housewives, Beyonce's stylist Ty Hunter and Model Shaun Ross.

During the sit down with Latham and audience Q & A for the Mama Glow Salon Series, June showed us her pieces from the new line and discussed juggling a career & family life, fashion and taking care of self.

June's fave pair of glasses ~ "The Dora, that Mary J. Blige is loving in Tokyo Tortoise."

What June's Loving in Fashion ~ " Lace, Metallics during the day and floral prints are everything."

June on How to Stay Glowy ~ "It's really important to take care of yourself before you can be any good to others. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, go the gym and use a good moisturizer."

June's advise to her daughter Summer ~ "Smile! Your smile is your soul, no matter what you  are wearing, no one is going to see your beauty if you don't put out that energy." She also reminds her daughter that her body is her temple, and that education is key. 

At the end of the Q & A guests partied on while trying on the gorgeous & chic sunglasses on display.
Amber Sabathia {wearing the Chance in a fun & bold blue}, Dina Manzo {wearing Dora} and friends had fun shopping and posing for pics. My sissy Nicole {pictured below, left} loved Dora in Taupe Crystal and as a huge tokyo tortoise fan,  I was all for wearing Hi Brow as we snapped a few shameless selfies.

The evening was a great way to celebrate an amazing and inspirational woman & to kick of my year of New Beginnings. June expressed to guests her gratitude and {my favorite mantra} how she was truly "Living in the Moment", the pics above show just how present she was with everyone who shared the room with her. Thanks June Xx!

In case you were wondering, June is rockin' "Edna" & they are currently  discounted for Mama Glow. Did you spy a favorite pair you'd love to wear?

Be sure to check out Latham's full interview with June on the Mama Glow Series and Stay Tuned for June's upcoming projects with HSN featuring hats, bags, shoes and more launching Fall 2014. I know I'll anxiously be waiting for it!

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  1. Celebrities have a tough life. Set aside all the glitz and glamour for a moment, and imagine what it's like to hardly ever be at home.



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