Wednesday, March 12, 2014

See What's New from Munchkin at their Launch Party with MomTrends

Disclosure: The views expressed in this post are 100% my own. I was invited as a blogger & received a gift bag. No other compensation was given.

A lil' over a week ago, I was invited  to the Munchkin launch party event hosted by Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends to join a bunch of awesome mama's, their sweet kiddies and bloggers to preview & celebrate the release of Munchkin's Mbaby clothing line and new LATCH bottle.

Munchkin felt that it was really important to have moms attend the event and be apart of the conversation and celebration without them having to worry about finding a sitter. Little ones played with toys & napped while mamas had a chance to look at the new designs and mingled with other guests.

It's always lovely to catch up with fellow bloggers like these amazing ladies {L-R, Nilsa of 3cityGirls, Monica of  Sofamilyonline and Nichol of} while attending events here in the city.

I adore the beautiful simplicity and softness of the Mbaby line, from solids, stripes  and gingham to floral prints and anchors, you will truly love dressing up your little ones or gifting these new pieces. What sets the new Mbaby line apart from other designs already out is their unique Onester and Sleepster Collection. Seeing how babies spend a great deal of their time on their backs for sleeping and playtime, their fronts are mainly exposed and the Onester is made with a patent-pending double layer front for babies comfort.

Another great feature is that the trio of snaps on the bottom of the Onester are color coded. If you are anything like I was as a mom, I'd occasionally have my baby snapped in all crooked and get annoyed when I noticed on that very last snap that I had to re-do it. I could see this great attention to detail saving us grown-ups from a few of our own meltdowns.

Girls Line 

Boys Line

I am a huge fan of the Sleepster which also has a patent-pending double layer front. What makes the Sleepster absolutely perfect is that, since Pediatricians recommend that there be nothing in the crib with your lil' one, as a measure of safety the designer included a built in blanket feature. I must say though, another very thoughtful solution solving feature to the Sleepster is the convertible footies. They are perfect for keeping those little baby toes warm, can be rolled up for letting their feet cool, or so that babies can have a better footing on the ground. I also thought this idea was perfect because honestly, babies outgrow those footie pajamas rather quickly, or like my two monsters, they couldn't stand having their feet cramped in them and I had to cut the feet off their fun robot and dinosaur pj's so they could still where them.

Look at the convertible footies, I love that when you roll it up they continue the detail by lining with print.

A panel of lovely ladies featuring Robyn Moreno of Pockets of Pretty, Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam and Joy of Simple Wishes  joined Nicole to hold a non-judgmental conversation on their experiences with breastfeeding which segued into us all learning about Munchkins new LATCH bottle. One of the biggest reasons you may hear a lot of moms say they had trouble with breastfeeding was because their baby just wouldn't latch on and then they move on to a bottle-feeding system like LATCH. The accordion style nipple on this new design allows for babies to latch on correctly and easily because it simulates moms nipple and it also helps to prevent air bubbles that may result in gassiness, fussy babies and colic.

The Munchkins event was a great way to get moms together to check out the brands latest products and to discuss all the ups and downs and in between of breastfeeding and motherhood!

After seeing the new clothing line Mbaby,  have you spotted a favorite piece?

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