Monday, March 31, 2014

Must Haves for Lil' Monsters {Kids} #1

There are just so many awesome products out there for kids of all ages these days &  keeping up with what's trending or recommended can be a bit overwhelming! Whether you are shopping for your own children or looking for something fun to gift,  I thought I'd share what my monsters and I think are pretty cool in the stores with readers once a week.

The kids will love chilling out on the beach, laying on their Disney Frozen Olaf Beach Swim Towel, and don't blame them if they break out into a rendition of "In Summer".

If your child isn't a huge fan of water have them infuse it using the Kid Zinger which will add more natural flavor to their drink simply by adding fruits like oranges and strawberries.  Ages 6+ 

A fast paced game of Monopoly Junior is perfect for kids ages 5+, with fun places to land on like the toy store, pet shop and ice cream parlor they are sure to have a good time.

As your little guy dreams up battles with intergalactic enemies, he can wear these Darth Vader Pajamas that have a detachable cape for bedtime

Catering to your baby's visual strengths, Wee Gallery Art Cards make beautiful gifts for newborns that will foster a love of animals and can be used as flashcards for older children.

Pump up the volume and have your music lover turn heads after designing a pair of Bling Headphones that are easy to create with simple patterns and sparkly gems. 8+

With warmer days ahead of us, a Creative Picnic is a perfect way for young ones to dish up some tasty, colorful treats. Ages 1.5 - 5

Which of these Must Have's are you loving for your Lil' Monster?

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