Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Well Rounded NY & Citbabes Host a Pregnancy Prep Talk for Expecting Mommy's

So you're expecting and are probably overwhelmed with everything that's happening to your body. Does the baby's arrival have you overjoyed and a little bit anxious? There's definitely a lot to figure out in such a brief amount of time, from how to prepare for labor to what products you'll need for your lil' one once you pop. Luckily the lovely ladies behind Well Rounded NY and the folks at Citibabes hosted a lovely event for expecting mommy's to help them navigate through some of their pregnancy questions by trimester with their Pregnancy Prep Talk prenatal event.

I'm well beyond the prenatal stage with two lil monsters ages 9 and 3 but even after going through it twice, I not only related to a lot of the stories shared by the panel of experts but as times change I wish I had someone to provide me with such awesome advice and that some of the various products showcased were around when we had first started out. I'm telling you, some of the new maternity lines and baby products that are out right now almost {and I heavily stress the almost} had me wishing I was preggers again because I love them so much. Luckily I have quite a few girlfriends and my lovely readers to share all this awesomeness with.

The fun filled and informative evening kicked off with delicious "Pear-fect" mocktails provided by Silver Spoon Organics, yummy & healthy treats from Junior's Fresh & fantastic massages from Edamame Maternity Spa at the Citibabes location in Soho.

          I definitely had a dose of bump envy with some really fashionable and adorable pregnant mamas.

After some mingling and picture taking at the Blink Buggy Photobooth, the Pregnancy Prep Talk got started.

 Silver Spoon founder Michelle Marinis, who's a mom to 3 boys gave some great tips on healthy eating:

  • Think about your dinning partner & fine tune your diet: include organic, clean 15 and dirty dozen foods.
  • Eat the rainbow, make sure their are lots of colors on your plate and rather than 3 big meals have smaller meals more often.
  • Water, water and more water!
  • Indulge! You should allow yourself to have that special treat because your pregnant, nows the time to enjoy it. 

Cricket's Circle was created  by Founder and CEO Rachel Blumenthal to help parents with all their questions about "must have" products for babies by providing recommendations on items that are long time favorites or new and trendy. We've all been there: Which stroller is the lightest to carry, which bottle will make for a less gassy baby, where can I find a bathtub for infants that doesn't take up space, and which breast pump will be the most comfortable while helping express milk as quick as possible? Cricket's Circle is there for parents who have a long list of questions by helping them skip some of the guessing with expert advise.

I never thought I was fully prepared for the whole process of labor especially because with both children I was a high risk patient due to my Crohns disease and neither doctors or I could predict how smoothly things would go. With my first son I told everyone I knew that I wanted to have a voluntary c-section just because I was so scared that with my tiny-framed body and lack of child-bearing hips I'd break something and be of no use to my newborn. Luckily I pushed like a champ, but wasn't able to do the same with my second delivery and needed to have an emergency c-section because our son had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was having trouble breathing, talk about unpredictable!

Angela Le of Fifth Avenue Fertility Acupuncture has a practice dedicated to holistic reproductive health and labor support. After sharing a heart felt story about her being her sisters support system during her pregnancy Angela conveyed the importance of advocating for yourself, being comfortable with your decisions and staying informed. Another tip Angela recommended {especially for first time moms} was to have a good support system to cheer you on and share the moment.

Once the Tips by Trimester prep talk wrapped up, guests were invited to mingle and meet some of the sponsors and vendors at the event. There was a great selection of products / classes that caught our eye, that I wasn't aware existed and If we ever had a third I would quickly add to my list of musts.

As a new mom, I'd truly recommend getting out and about with your little one, so not to go stir crazy. Luckily for us NYC moms there's a host of great classes to pass away the time and meet other parents and babies. CittyBitty is a new class series for lil' monsters 12 months and under at Citibabes that focuses on the very early stages of learning. CittyBitty focuses on a baby's physical, cognitive and social development through age appropriate play.

Having nursed both boys for over a year, and having my boob exposed one too many times in a restaurant or public park, I would have loved to own a Me Beau Bebe multi-functional nursing blanket. It's 100% organic and can be used for nursing, burping, as a changing table, to cover the stroller and as a wrap for baby. Another great feature is that you don't have to sacrifice style for function because it comes in beautiful, fun prints.

Some of the other amazing sponsors that were in attendance included: Weleda, Fourth Love, Spuni, Squooshi , Rockin' Baby , Monica+Andy and Destination Maternity.
Be sure to check out Well Rounded NY, because pregnancy isn't one size fits all. This site will help you navigate and come to terms with your pregnancy in this crazy city without loosing your sense of self.

What was the best pregnancy tip you ever received or given to someone?

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