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Reading This: "Hold Me in Contempt" T.V Personality + NY Times Best Selling Author, Wendy William's New Juicy Romance Novel

*Disclosure: The opinions expressed are honestly 100% my own. I was invited as media and received a giftcard from Burlington Coat Factory. No other compensation was given.

                                                                                                                                    photo credit:{ Top R & Bottom L} Fredy Mfuko

What's the first thing you consider when invited to sit in on a fun and intimate conversation at The Hudson Bond between The Moms Denise Albert & Melissa Musen with the vivacious, cheeky and incredibly successful talk show Queen and author Wendy Williams? Of course, you are asking yourself  "What the Heck am I going to Wear?". Fortunately, Burlington Coat Factory provided us with an amazing opportunity to spruce up our wardrobes with some fun Spring finds. I won't lie, I also considered whether or not I would utter her infamous "How you doin?" back at her if given the opportunity, without sounding too ridiculous.

For a young, mom like myself who's always on the lookout for fresh finds, loves trying new looks and is on a budget, Burlington is a great place to shop. They have an array of great quality, name brand selections, at a reasonable price point {up to 70% off department store prices} that are trending. Which will most likely guarantee you walk out of the store without that dreaded buyers remorse because you know you scored a great deal!

I narrowed down the looks I wanted to go for: I'm not afraid of a fun print and I love color-blocking and had been coveting the tweed collarless jackets we see styled in the magazines lately. The Burlington experience was great because everything was organized and made my hunt for the perfect outfit that much easier.

Now, we all know Wendy Williams loves color from her fabulous Wendy Show audience, so I aimed to please.There were a few options I had in mind: tops with darker colors/ prints that I could pair with either coral or cobalt blue skinny jeans that I already owned versus brighter pieces, like a yellow blazer I ended up going with that was under $20 and a vibrant floral print tank. That morning, I  just couldn't wait for the mamarazzi event, I was so excited to show off my look, not to mention I got my hair done the afternoon before, so I was feeling Brand New! All of the guests really looked gorgeous, you could see everyone's personalities & sense of style shine through in their Burlington outfit choices.

                                                                                                                     photo credit: Fredy Mfuko

Now that you've seen the look, let's dish on her juicy book! It's a new, as she called it "Back Breaking" romance novel  titled "Hold me in Contempt" . I think all in attendance were in awe of how she manages to do it all: mother, wife, talk how host and best selling author who may I say also looks fantastic to be turning 50 this July. Wendy owns up to the fact that she has a writing partner, who's expertise is exactly that, writing and is a part of the Harper Collins family. While Wendy is good with coming up with the juicy story lines to keep us readers entertained. Keeping her supporters involved was important to her, so she had her Wendy Show watchers and Facebook fans vote on the title and cover art.

The novel "Hold me in Contempt" teaches a valuable lesson that I have found myself telling a few of my girlfriends in the past, who are overly selective when it comes to finding a man and it's the simple idea that You never know where you are going to find love, and you need to be open minded to it. The main character Kim Kinds is trying to get past her roots in the streets: A mom who abuses drugs, and prostitutes, an alcoholic father and becomes a prestigious assistant district attorney. She falls for a guy named King who has swag for days and who she shares amazing, intense chemistry with. A terrible accident puts a wrench in her plans, and she's hiding a secret that could ruin everything. When the past threatens to ruin their relationship the question: Is love enough? comes into play.

The moms asked Wendy Williams some great questions that evening as did some of the bloggers who were present.

When asked why she decided to give it a go at her first romance novel Wendy explained:
" I wasn't ready to write the second part to my NY Times best selling auto-biography  because I have more life that I want to live before giving you a part 2. Having written already about some of my comical times and tragic times working in radio, romance was my next obvious choice, that proved to be effortless."

As an avid reader, Wendy's favorite types of books & writers/ inspirations include: advice books and romance novels and authors Jackie Collins, Nora Ephron and Robert Greene {48 Laws of Power}.

Advise to her 28 year old younger self: "I wouldn't tell her much because she's too hard headed to listen to a 50 year old and thinks she knows it all, but I'd tell her: young Wendy, don't worry it's all going to be better than you think!"

After The Moms wrapped up their mamarazzi Q&A, guests each received a signed copy of the new book Hold Me in Contempt, chatted with Wendy, posed for pictures, indulged in cocktails and mingled.

                                                                                                                      photo credit: Fredy Mfuko

                                                                                                                           photo credit: Fredy Mfuko

I can't wait to see if the love and bond between Kim and King conquers all and sees them through. Be on the look out for part 2 to this book, and Wendy is hoping for a movie version with networks like Oxygen and Lifetime.

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