Monday, May 5, 2014

The Amazing Spider - Man 2 Red Carpet Movie Premier

*Disclosure : I was invited as Press and was given VIP passes and invited to a private screening. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

We aren't even half way through it, but this year has been a world wind of fun-filled once in a lifetime opportunities for my two monsters, hubby and I since I've started blogging again. Thanks to The Moms Network, our son CJ can add another priceless moment to his list of things he's done before his teenage years, that his mom and dad have done way later than their preteen years, lol. Imagine my excitement when I got the invitation for my family and I {unfortunately the littlest monster, age 3 could not attend because you needed to be 10+, and he's probably the biggest Spidey fan in the house} to hang out in the bleachers when the celebrities arrived to walk the red carpet at the Ziegfield Theater in NYC, and to screen the movie The Amazing Spiderman 2 at the Sony Wonder Labs before it's release to the public. Whoa! yepp, that's what I said the red carpet and private screening, pretty dang unbelievable!

As a lifelong Spiderman fan our 10 year old son's facial expressions were so adorable when he realized he was on the actual red carpet. There we were, standing in the bleachers with VIP passes hanging from our necks, bright lights surrounding us and the red carpet right below us. I remember CJ turning to us and asking
 "Mom, dad, why are all these T.V stations here just to watch the movie?" We both laughed and explained to him, what exactly was about to happen and when we caught wind that Andrew Garfield would be arriving shortly and that the lovely Emma Stone {who we didn't get to see because we had to leave for our own private viewing party with other Mom-bloggers and their families}, Jamie Foxx and Pharrell would be joining him, CJ nearly lost his mind! And quite honestly so did quite a few grown-ups.

Max Charles was so adorable, he seemed to be having the time of his life,  in a moment I'm sure seemed surreal at such a young age.

 Ralph Macchio 

Montell Williams

Andrew Garfield rode in on a school bus with deserving students who volunteer & even took time out with fans on the streets for selfies before hitting the red carpet.

Brittany Daniels 

Kendrick Lamar

Lol, I called out to him and got his attention!

Chris Cooper signed CJ's poster

I've loved Sally Fields since her Steel Magnolias days, it was so great seeing her!

Of course we all started singing "Happy" when we saw Pharrell and his infamous hat.

Embeth Davidtz

Right before dashing off we were able to catch this pic of Jamie Foxx and his cute daughter who's face was painted blue .. Go Team Electro!

The Amazing Spiderman 2 premiered this past weekend hauling in $92 Million in sales here in North America, and I am far from surprised, seeing as the cast was an amazing smorgasburg of acting talent featuring Andrew Garfield {Spiderman}, Emma Stone {Gwen}, Jamie Foxx {Electro}, Paul Giamatti {Rhino}, Sally Field {Aunt May} Chris Cooper {Norman Osborn} Dane DeHaan {Harry Osborn} and Max Charles {young spiderman} Embeth Davidtz {Mary Parker} Martin Sheen {Uncle Ben} and Denis Leary {Captain Stacy}.

Seriously what more can you ask for from a Marvel Movie? Lots of high energy action, a good looking, web slinging hero who's saving the world while navigating his way through childhood abandonment issues with his deceased parents & embracing his love life and future with the beautiful and intelligent Gwen.

Prior to seeing the movie we were all team Spiderman in my house , but now I think the misunderstood & electrifying, villain Electro has definitely converted a few Spidey man fans over to his side. I think the talented Jamie Foxx , did an exceptional job portraying his character Max. You honestly couldn't help but feel sorry for this guy because all he really wanted was to feel important, noticed and respected. Don't we all, at some point or another seek that same validation?

Prior to our moving screening we all joined in on a yummy pizza party and the kids {of all ages} got to try out the latest released Amazing Spiderman video game, which of course CJ thought was pretty awesome.

If you haven't already gone to the theater to check out the Amazing Spiderman my boys and I would highly recommend you do. The special affects will not disappoint and I thought the movie taught two great lessons of Living in the Moment and how being in the limelight may not always be what it's cracked up to be!

Many thanks to The Moms Newtork who provided us with such an amazing once in a life-time opportunity!

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