Monday, May 19, 2014

Grab Yourself Some "Me Time" & See Mom's Night Out #MNOMAMARAZZI #MOMSNIGHTOUT

As moms how often do we find ourselves torn between wanting to spend quality time with our kids and spouses as often as we can while juggling housework, careers and schlepping kids to various activities? Thanks to The Moms, earlier in the month I was invited to attend a screening with my fave mom-bloggers of the newly released faith-based, comedy film Moms Night Out which stars Patricia Heaton {the hilarious mom from Everybody Loves Raymond and Malcom in the Middle} and Sarah Drew {the quirky and loveable Kepner on Grey's anatomy}, Sean Astin and David Hunt. Before the screening we mingled while sipping delicious Mom-mosas  and other yummy cocktails courtesy of Martini and enjoyed sweet treats from  Baked by Melissa.  

From the first ten minutes the theater was all laughs, which really never died down throughout the entire film as we watched Allyson a Stay at home mom, wife of a busy travel-for-work husband and mom blogger navigate her way through the perils and joys of motherhood to 3 high energy children. How is it possible that when you seemingly have it all: the successful & good looking husband, the white picket fence and adorable kids, you are still unhappy with your life? A dilemma that has Allyson spazzing out like Susie homemaker turned incredible hulk, and sobbing in a closet {while looking at old glitzy party shoes} about her life that once was.

One of the moments/ quotes that stood out to me in the film was when Allyson's very understanding husband {played by Sean Astin} explains to his wife that she needed to heed the advice that most flight attendants give at the beginning of a flight. "You must put your oxygen mask on first, in order to be of any help to anyone else", comparing a girls night out or a hobby to an oxygen mask, a necessity to live.  As moms we sometimes forget that we need to take care of ourselves first, both physically and mentally before we can be good to anyone else. One of the many things I love and appreciate about my own hubby is that he encourages me to take moments for myself, whether a long bubble bath, a walk around the block or brunch with the girls because he knows I need it for my own sanity every now and then.

So as recommended, Allyson rounds up her ladies {the pastors wife, played by Patricia Heaton & the best friend Izzy} and we follow along as the movie takes us on an outrageous girls night out adventure in which  the hubbies are left in charge of the kids, and we witness the disastrous yet hysterical series of events unfold, while these glammed up moms give it their best efforts to paint the town red.

We've all been there, paralyzed by stress and guilt: questioning our parenting skills, wondering if others are judging us, seeking an identity outside of being a mom, and occasionally needing a moment to ourselves to enjoy the things and people we loved before having kids. No joke it's a balancing act, I stayed home with each of my boys for their first 2 years as a choice. One that my husband and I made because honestly childcare expenses are so high in NYC and with me being an educator I just couldn't see my kids being cared for by anyone else but myself or close family. Often I wanted to pull out my hair, and still do from the sleepless nights and potty training days of long ago, to battles over the TV and meltdowns of today and needed an outlet which was in part why I started this blog. Through events like these hosted by The Moms I've been blessed to be able to meet and become friends with lots of other mom bloggers who have all at some point tried to find their voice in the blogosphere while managing a household.

After the screening we were all lucky enough to sit in on The Moms live Q&A with the cast for SiriusXm radio, which was a blast! They discussed the ups and downs of parenting and marriage while managing careers in the spotlight and it's great to see that despite their celebrity status we all go through the same things and try to be the best parents we can be since there just isn't a manual on how to do it. I was able to ask Sarah Andrew on air if there was a friend or family member who she had been nervous about watching her child only to be relieved that everyone was safe & sound and had a good time. Fortunately for her she says she's been blessed with amazing family who insist she go out while they babysit. In the midst of my question, the adorably handsome Sean Astin {of Lord of the Rings and 80's classic The Goonies} walked in.

This Mother's Day I was able to indulge in the best of both worlds {thanks to my mother-in-law who gladly relieved me of my mommy duties}, an entire day to myself which included the rare joy of sleeping in past 8am, lounging in pajamas while watching tasteless -girly television {hubby had to work} and actually being able to talk to my bestie Liza on the phone {without hyper monsters yelling in the background}, opposed to just shooting her a text in ten minute intervals. After a relaxing Saturday, my two monsters returned home, eager to greet me with hugs and kisses. My hubby prompted our 3 year old and asked "What do you have to tell mommy?" he jumped up in my arms and with conviction yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY" which had me cracking up. We ended up playing board games and cuddled upon the couch watching movies and had breakfast for dinner.

By far some of the best movies are the ones that you can find yourself relating to, that make it easier to laugh at yourself and that make you realize you aren't alone in this crazy life as parents. If  you have yet to see Moms Night Out, arrange a sitter,  grab your girlfriends or go alone for two hours of  "mommy" time because you deserve it!  Watch the Trailer, I guarantee you and the family will laugh a bunch and even get a little teary, if you're a cheese-ball like me sometimes.

How do you find time for yourself & what's been your own favorite Moms Night out Moment?


  1. This truly seemed like an amazing experience!

    I was wondering if this movie was going to be any good, especially with Tyler Perry's Single Mom's Club being released not too long ago.

    From what you shared, it really seems like a great film with lots of laughs. I'm all for that!

    1. Yes Jay it was a great way for parents to realize how not to take themselves too seriously because we are only human and more than just caretakers of our children. I'm glad you liked the post, thanks for reading!

  2. this is so much fun!! I loved the movie--it had such a great message that I took to heart :) xoxo



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