Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Elated with Etsy: 9 Faves of Random Goodness

This week I thought rather than sharing a fabulous shop or a curated theme of favorite Etsy items, I'd give you guys a dose of the random goodness that showcase the talented businesses on the site.  I apologize in advance if you proceed to grab your wallet.

Pom Poms and raindrop garland are sweet for a babyshower or to decorate your lil' monsters nursery.

Gift your latest travel finds in this historic maps wrapping paper and have the receiver in wanderlust.

A graphic print headband is perfect for those hot & humid city days, making it a necessity.

Every pie & cookie lover will agree that this quote cake stencil is on point.

A Winterfell candle will have you picturing yourself warm by a fire set in a Game of Thrones scene. 

Because your space requires Good Vibes Only, hang this simple yet beautiful reminder.

Head to the beach and rock the fruit trend in this retro swimsuit.

Great your guests with a fun + comfy, geometric print Hello pillow.

Herb sticker decals will help you showcase your in house spices by labeling the pot they sprout in. 

Which of these goodies has caught your eye?

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