Monday, January 26, 2015

Having A Moment: It's Tough Saying Goodbye to 2014, My Year of New Beginnings

I'm Baaaacccckkk! Sorry I've been MIA for a bit, I needed to take some time to reflect and couldn't return to this space until I could get this post done. It's really hard to sum up a year of happenings in one post without boring you all to death.

We're officially almost a month into the New Year and I'm honestly having a hard time letting go of 2014, which I know seems silly but with all the events and milestones that happened this year I'm actually kind of nervous about what the future has in store. It actually didn't sink in until I started collaging the photos for this post, just how monumental this year actually was in various ways. I get goose-bumps thinking about the amazing people my boys and I have been fortunate enough to meet, and when I play back inspiring conversations I have had, I get freaking excited thinking about how to bring those words to fruition in 2015. 

Now don't get me wrong, by no means was 2014 perfect! I shed tears, I got angry, I doubted myself, but oh boy did we have some great laughs & good times! And it took a low moment during the beginning of the year for me to realize we needed to celebrate life despite our circumstances because as cliche as it sounds, tomorrow just isn't promised.

January 23, 2014: after 26 days in the hospital and an emergency surgery due to strictures and fistulas in my intestines (I couldn't eat anything thicker than the consistency of applesauce and the photo taken is the next morning after 2ft. of intestines were removed) due to Crohns disease, I vowed that 2014 would be my year of New Beginnings. After dealing with such a roller-coaster ride of flare-ups and pain killers and then facing an unnerving experience like that hospitalization, I decided to only focus on the things that were in my control and that would make me and my family happy. We needed to just live in the moment!

 Living in the Moment in NYC: Creating Memories

So as a family, we did what we do best: despite any health issues or financial woes we hit the streets and enjoyed experiencing our crazy, fast paced city and discovered new places and connected with people unexpectedly.

Thanks to Facebook, relationships were re-established as my hubby reconnected with his father and that side of our family after 16 years!!! Our lil' monsters met their Grand-pops, theor daddy's brother and sister (the trio of bald headed guys is my hubby on the left, his dad in the middle and brother on the right) their great-grandmother and a ton of aunts, uncles and cousins over the summer. So, crazy right?

From my baby Tristan starting preschool and having his first school birthday party, to my oldest experiencing Alvin Ailey and getting excepted to a prestigious ballet program in the city, I was one proud & emotional mama that year. Their daddy and I couldn't be more lucky, to have been chosen as parents to, two monsters who are beyond amazing little boys and it makes me sorta sad that the time is just speeding by before our eyes.

NYC is nothing short of things to do and we made our best attempts to see as much of it as we could while not hurting the wallets too much. We rounded up family for a trip to Flushing Zoo and  the adults reminisced and while riding the carousel & as Marvel lovers we had so much fun checking out the incredible, stunt-filled live show at the IZOD center. Some of the coolest things we got to do as a family for the first time was to visit Madame Toussand wax museum, discovered a secret water feature at The American Museum of Natural History and explored midtown on The RIDE, a one-of-a-kind tour bus experience which featured the boys picture in a local newspaper for a few days before the year ended. 

Our metrocard took us everywhere from the New York Public library for a unique exhibit on children's books, to an off Broadway shadow puppet performance of The Old Man and The Old Moon at the New Victory theater and then got us to Brooklyn to check out the dopest street art in the boroughs and to the Bronx Zoo  to explore with our nature club for hours once a month.

Although we make sure to prioritize our free time to our kids, we find it equally important to carve in moments for ourselves and with friends, which ensures we don't lose our sanity & sense of self. I'm always looking forward to celebrating any occasion  whether with my three long time friends from high school while dolled up in sequins over dinner or with my hubby who cooked up the sweetest surprise rooftop brunch right above our apartment for our 6 year wedding anniversary in August.

Blogger Life


It's really kind of crazy how in just a year, my little blog that started off focusing on the fun we had been having in NYC as a family, has allowed us to meet so many awe-inspiring people and how it's been a platform to help us form great relationships and to create some pretty-freaking awesome memories! 

I've sort of just been learning as I go along & fortunately I have met some fantastic and supportive bloggers & digital influencers along the way at events like: Well Rounded NY's Tips by TrimesterGirls Night Out  at the car show and at conferences like Blogger Bash (my first conference) and Fashion Forward who have given sound advice, have been my cheering squad and many of whom I call my blogger babes. In all honesty, we probably see each other more than we see our closest friends and family and even our kids look forward to the next event & hanging out with their blogger buddies.

I love that blogging is something that allows me to spend time with my family and gives us something to look forward to from month to month. My two boys even discovered they love making videos and started recently creating reviews for their series Must Haves for Lil Monsters and started another with their dad, Lil' Monsters in the Kitchen , which we are hoping to do more of this year.

 The Amazing Things Crossed of our Bucket List:

1. Attended the NYC Wine and Food Festival which was probably my hubby's fave event.
2. Watched celebrities walk the red carpet of The Amazing Spiderman 2  premier.
3. Saw the Lion King on Broadway, which was phenomenal.
4. Saw not 1, but 2 shows for NYFW and one was under the tents at Lincoln Center.
5. Got the closest I ever dreamed of getting to Oprah at the Live Your Life tour.

Becoming WWE Ambassadors

If my maternal grandma was alive today, I know hands down she would have loved to share in the amazing experiences we had thanks to the WWE, their Superstars and Divas. I grew up watching the greats like the Ultimate Warrior, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Brett the Hitman Hart with her and my dad and it brings back so many great memories. Now that I have two boys who are die hard fans I'm so beyond grateful that blogging has allowed us the chance to experience such exciting moments as a family. 

When we took pics with Triple H at the  Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery event I literally got teary eyed because he was one of my gramps's favorites and I knew she was smiling from heaven. From attending Extreme Rules and seeing Evolution get back together to fight the Shield, to my oldest son CJ singing & dancing with Darren Young at the KidzVuz BTS party and meeting his crush Natalya........ to bringing my dad to his first live event, creating a WWE tribute video and becoming WWE Brand Ambassadors, we are so thankful for the fun that has brought us closer together. And let's not get it twisted, my boys are huge fans and can name all the signature moves but i'm the true fanatic! 

A lot of people I know just aren't moved much by meeting celebrities because honestly, they are human just like us. And well, although that's very true, excuse me while I say " I took a freaking selfie with Boo (Lea Delaria) from Orange is the New Black at a Kiehls party, haha!" and she has some pretty awesome moves on the dance floor.

I love meeting celebrities, especially ones who have impacted my way of thinking in a huge way. Meeting GMA anchor Robin Roberts was probably one of the most moving moments for me last year, her book "Everybody's Got Something" although it was her testimony on how she handled beating breast cancer and a rare blood disorder, her journey resonated so deeply with my heart. From page to page I found myself scribbling in the margins my own reflections and crying at how easily I could relate to her story.  

        1O More Fave Celeb Encounters by Far Were:  

1. Winning an Instagram contest to meet celeb stylist June Ambrose a few days after my release from the hospital and the day after my birthday. Also in attendance was the Glow Maven Latham Thomas, owner of Carols Daughter Lisa Price and NJ Housewife reality star Dina Manzo, who I all admire as mom-preneurs.
2. Attending the Henry and Me Premier with my hubby and meeting Yankee Coach Joe Girardi and his daughter and making my sister seriously jealous when I told her we met Chazz Palminteri from the movie A Bronx Tale who joked with us about opening car doors.
3. Getting complimented on my color blocked outfit & advise from Amber Sabathia at a NYFW event hosted by The Moms Network.
4. Channeling my inner DIY'er and getting crafty with Sabrina Soto  who was named Velcro Brand Amabassador.
5. Enjoying a summer day in Brooklyn at an Essence Magazine Festival and meeting two of my fave bloggers Gorgeous in Grey and Rae Holliday and Project Runway star Korto Momolu who said she was love'n my statement necklace.
6. Listening to tips on how to capture the best family moments from photographer Anne Geddes who was a keynote speaker at Bloggerbash.
7. Reminiscing on my days as an MTV lover and chatting it up at a #FeelGlade event with Sway
 who is hilarious.
8.  By Far Robin Williams was one of my all time favorite actors and I wish he could've been in the room the day I had the chance to interview the cast of Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb, you could see how hard it was for Ben Stiller  to discuss their final moments together.
9. My high energy kids enjoyed an afternoon away from all the gadgets and gizmos and headed to a Nickelodeon Day of Play event and had a blast meeting Nick Stars like Jack Griffo.
10. I wrapped up my year by attending a luncheon where I got to sit next to Marlo Thomas 
as she shared the inspiring mission of St. Jude's Children Hospital & the Thanks and Giving campaign.
So, What Now?

Before this month is over I promised my boys I would print out a book of photos for them because these experiences were beyond special and deserve more than being stored on my phone or liked on Instagram and Facebook. I want them to be able to flip through the pages of this year even when I'm gone and remember all the fun they had, people they met and achievements and firsts that happened.  We always joke about all the cool things our boys have been able to experience before the age of ten, that we are just experiencing in our 30's and that we never even dreamed of happening and I hope if nothing else they learn from this year that there is light after darkness and as cheesy as it sounds, brighter days after you weather a storm!

For me, 2014 proved that after darkness there is light, I can't even wrap my head around the idea that I might not have been alive to experience all of this.  I'm not sure how 2015 can top my year of New Beginnings but my boys and I say bring it on! We are looking forward to a year of good health, growth and happiness and wish the very same to you and yours!

What was the highlight of 2014 for you & what are you most excited for this year?


  1. Ok so you had an AMAZING 2014 I can completely get why you don't want to let go! I remember venting to my godmother about how hard it was for me and she helped get me together and appreciate every high, low, and in between, I'm trying daily now to keep that perspective. Wishing you an even better 2015!

  2. What a fabulous year you had!!! I'm a big June Ambrose fan as well! Here's to an even bigger and brighter 2015.

  3. You had an amazing 2014 filled with so many wonderful memories. What stood out to me was your health issue. I am sorry you had to endure such pain. Nonetheless, I am happy you are doing much better and you did not allow it to prevent you from living and enjoying life with your family.

  4. Such a great post. I read very last word and experienced your year right along with you. Here is to 2015!

  5. What a kickass year it was for you and your family! Im sure 2015 will be bigger and better. Can't wait to read abouit next year!!

  6. Omg that was a fabulous recap! How exciting! I agree with KMStrange, reading the words had me right there with you. May this year bring you even more family joys, fashion shows and celeb encounters.

  7. Hoping your 2015 is filled with health and amazing times!

  8. I hope your 2015 starts out better than your 2014 did! My husband's best friend has Crohn's and had to have a similar surgery done a year or so back.

  9. Great post! 2014 was full. It looks like it was really amazing! Wishing you an incredible, positive 2015 ahead!

  10. I can see why you're having a hard time letting go of 2014, it looked like a fantastic year for you. Mine was the opposite so I was delighted to enter 2015!

  11. Looks like you had a GREAT 2014! Lion is a PHENOMENAL musical. Here's to an even better 2015 <3

  12. Sounds like such amazing yet overwhelming year!! I always think to do a recap post (if only as a reminder for myself personally) but never get around to it...every single year, lol!

  13. Wow you had some amazing blog experiences. I so have been wanting to see the Lion King on Broadway - I heard it is amazing.

  14. Wow! After looking at all your wonderful pictures, I can see why you don't want to let go of 2014. That's amazing and what fun you must of had making those memories.

  15. You had an incredible 2014! I can see why it would be so hard to say goodbye! I think you can accomplish even more in 2015! You have the right attitude!

  16. The Wine & Food Festival is on my bucket list, too! It looks like you had quite the memorable year, so glad you were able to overcome such a struggle and truly make the best of your year. Look forward to your future posts, always looking for fun things to trek into the city for!

  17. 2014 though trialing sounds like it was a great year for you and your family, I grew up watching WWE too and goldberg plus hulk were mine now its roman rains

  18. Wow you definitely had a great year, I loved reading this. It was very nice to read and inspirational as well. I'm a NYCer too!! :D Cheers to another great one and for more to come!

  19. You did have a great 2014 so I can see not wanting to let it go. But 2015 holds the promise of even more incredible experiences!

  20. Wow - You had a busy 2014 and lots of good things too.. Wishing you even better 2015 :)

  21. Wow you had a jammed pack 2014, I wish my life was just as half as entertaining as yours in one year, haha.

  22. Wow, WHAT a year! Reconnecting with family sounds HUGE, and what an accomplishment to have your son accepted into an amazing program!

  23. Great 2014! Here's hoping your 2015 is as much fun as the last year. Your outlook is wonderful.

  24. What an amazing recap of 2014 and I so understand where you are coming from I felt that 2014 was the best year despite the bad. Also how amazing getting to go to two fashion shows in NY. Wishing you all the best and good health for 2015. You deserve it darling :)

  25. I had an amazing 2014 as well, but I was OK to say good-bye to it. I know this year will be even better! I'm sure it will be for you as well!

  26. in spite of your hospital incident, your year was still great. I can't wait to see how you rock 2015.



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