Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Grand Fiesta Americana Launching of the New $ 2M EduTainment Providing Coral KidZ Club

We aren't avid travelers yet but we hope to get bitten by the travel bug sooner than later now that my Crohns disease flareups have subsided a great deal this year.Of course we daydream of where our next family destination will be and ultimately it will have to be kid friendly. We know first hand as parents to a 10 year old that appealing to Generation Z is not easily accomplished because kids today are so easily consumed by the abundance of apps that take them on adventures without the need to ever have to leave their cushy sofa or to move away from a screen. With that in mind, where do you go as parents to escape to paradise and that has fun "Edutainment" for kids?

We recently headed to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab in NYC to learn all about The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun opening it's doors to its newest family member, the $2 million, 40,000 sq ft state-of the-art ‘Coral KidZ Club.

Designed for children ages of 3 to 12 or ‘Gen Z-ers,’ the new Coral KidZ Club will turn up the dial on make-believe and take the playground concept to another level.With the use of cutting edge technology, the club is designed to encourage interaction with other children as well with parents. It would almost seem torturous to our kids if we had them travel without any of their gadgets and gizmos. I honestly would welcome a reprieve for all of us from technology and social media to sit on a sandy beach and take in the calmness..

“We wanted to create the best possible kids club, one that breaks the mold in terms of innovation, and technology. It is why we wanted to work with Launch by Design as they have created some of the world’s most impressive children’s programs,” said Alberto Gurrola, Managing Director of Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun 

Anna Bada Crema is an award winning designer and the founder and president of Launch by Design Inc. Under her vision the company has become a world leader in creating dynamic state of the art spaces for kids entertainment and learning experiences. While chatting with Anna about the new Coral Kidz Club she conveyed to us that everything she does is driven by her passion to inspire children because they are our future. 

From the very moment when they enter the Coral KidZ Club, kids are greeted by bright colors and fun patterns’ that are splashed on the walls along with international greetings which make guests from all around the world feel at home. After checking in, kids can store their personal items inside a cubby and set off to find their age appropriate zone.

Having to figure out how to keep our two boys, who are nearly 6 years apart entertained is no easy feat these days as our oldest, CJ (now age ten) has been spending more of his downtime on the phone with friends and plugged into his tablet and video games. Recently at a local amusement park I ended up allowing CJ to hangout with the thrill-ride chasers closer in age, rather than be miserable with his lil' brother following behind him.

Young guests between the ages of 3-5, will find an area devoted to imagination and learning where toddlers can choose their own path - city, park or jungle. The cityscape features: Mexican-style homes and a fire station with a firehose which can be used to put out a virtual fire; an I-spy wall made up of Latin American iconography; a construction zone; a Mercado and play kitchen. Next door is the Jungle room, a quiet zone deep in the forest where kids can curl up in a nook with a book. As soon as our 4 year old spotted this room on the slideshow, his eyes lit up in excitement as he spotted the monkey (his daddy he calls him monkey) swinging from the vine. Having individualized spaces based on age is such a great detail that makes the experience more personalized for kids of all ages.

Tweens and teens will pass through an awesome illuminated arched portal and are transported to the computer zone & in the futuristic gaming area they will enjoy the latest interactive video games. With the goal of bringing the Mayan culture into the 21st century, Launch by Design commissioned an interactive 30 square foot LED wall with an electronic game that teaches children about the ancient culture through learning, interactive play and fun facts. Kids will love the idea that they can earn rewards from playing these games and can claim their prizes throughout the hotel. 

If your children are little creatives then they will delight in an Open Play Theater which features a stage with a digital backdrop, theatrical curtains, a light-up dance floor and a backstage dressing room complete with costumes, make-up and dressing mirrors. While the Arts and Crafts area is designed for maximum creativity and offers stunning views of the ocean through three large porthole windows.

The Coral KidZ Club extends its fun and sense of discovery to the outside.  Active play is enhanced with innovative NEOS®, the world’s first electronic play system for the playground, that combines both the speed and fun of video games with the lively movement of aerobic exercise.  In the Open Play area kids will also find a basketball hoop and custom race car track for racing their very own remote controlled cars, while traditional Mexican sidewalk games can be found on the ground throughout. A casual outdoor lounge area with rock-shaped furniture is a spot for both children and adults who want to take a moment to relax. 

After mingling and enjoying flavorful Mexican fare and drinks, my hubby and our boys headed back into the theater with a few other kids and dads to play video games. But they missed out on AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!

Little did they know, that while they were immersed in gaming, after me placing my business card in the raffle bowl at the last minute we were blessed enough to be chosen as 1 of 3 Winners of a 4 day, 3 night stay at The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Resort and our prize includes our meals for the duration of stay. Isn't that amazing? We are so thankful for such a beautiful opportunity to share with the lil' monsters. I was dang near in tears, CJ couldn't stop cheeseball smiling while the hubby profusely said Thank You! We already agreed to unplug once we landed and since we haven't been on a trip on our own ever (even during our honeymoon we had family join us) and managed to persevere through a bumpy 2 years due to my Crohns disease, we definitely plan to take advantage of dropping the boys off at the Kids Zone which launches in less than a week! Beyond Exciting!


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We can't say thank you enough to Alberto, Marcusio Anna, Launch By Design and Grand Coral Beach for such a generous opportunity and we can't wait to take you guys, our readers on vacay with us as we share the trip on social media and the blog, so stay tuned! 

*Disclosure: We were invited as media to attend, opinions expressed are 100% my own. No other compensation was received for this post. We entered  raffle to win the trip provided.


  1. OMG how amazing is that place!! I cannot wait for you guys to go so that I can experience it through you! =)

  2. Woohoo! How exciting to attend an event and walk away with an amazing vacation! I can't wait to hear all about it when you go! I love how the Cool Z Club has activities for all ages. My girls are spread apart and that would be helpful to find interests for all 3 three of them. Enjoy. Congratulations. You deserve it!

  3. That's a great playground concept for kids. I bet many schools would contact the admin of the club to inquire for bulk discounts for students. The designer and founder deserves all the award. Everything here looks interesting. The spaces are designed in such detail!

  4. That looks fantastic! It reminds me of the kids clubs onboard the Disney Cruise ships - bright and beautiful for little ones to explore! I'm so looking forward to hearing all about it - and seeing even more photos!!

  5. My kids would love this type of a vacation! I hope we are able to travel here soon with them. I love that there is something there for kids of every age group to do.

  6. Wow! Ok, so this looks pretty much like a kids paradise! I love the different designs and bold colors - but the best part must be having activities for kids of all ages! My boys are at the same stage, where my oldest doesn't want to have his little brother dragging him down all day. I think this is definitely a family vacation I'm putting way at the top of my list!

  7. What a great concept for a playground! I think it has something for kids of all ages! Your little ones smiles says it all and what great photos that brightened my day! The only think missing here is me!

  8. What kid wouldn't love this? This is fabulous and this is a dream place for every kid. I am so sure my kids wouldn't want to leave if I bring them there. NYC will be our next vacation destination.

  9. I make my travel arrangements outside of school holidays and visit places least likely to have kids...lol! I'd like to see more places like this because it gives families a great holiday experience and makes it easier for people like me to avoid them ; -)

  10. It's so sad that kids can't have fun without their gadgets, but I'm glad there are places like that that encourage kids to interact with each other and engage in a different type of play. I love that there are different zones for different ages and that there is such a wide variety of activities. This would definitely be a great place for family vacations or a school field trip.

  11. Wow! That looks amazing and like so much fun. While I'm sure my daughter would love, I can't pretend that I wouldn't love it as well! It looks like it's so much to do. I love "edutainment." Makes both sides of my brain happy!

  12. My kids would really enjoy this, especially over at the computer zone , Oh my Goodness , I would have loved to seen the look on your face when they said your name......... Someone has a little bit of envy over here but Congrats!!! Make sure to take lots of pictures when you go to The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Resort, and make sure to have some "me time" while your there!

  13. This place looks so cute and so fun! I would love my future kids to experience this!



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