Thursday, September 3, 2015

Get Your Game On! Discover the GameStop Trade in Program #Sponsored


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of Kidzvuz and Gamestop in which compensation was received in exchange for our honest opinion which are 100% our own. Photos are courtesy of

We have a rule in our house, no new video games until you've completed the ones you have because our boys seem to run through them at lightening speed and quite honestly our wallets can't keep up with the ever expanding list of games they've seen on t.v or that a friend has told them is a must have. 

Over this summer vacation my oldest son Cj headed to the KidzVuz Back to School Party with his favorite blogger kid buddies, where they got to scope out the latest products from some pretty awesome brands. Of course any event that allows for the lil' monsters to get comfy on bean bag chairs and test out new games is going to be a hit, and by far I'd say that kids of all ages really enjoyed the very popular Gamestop area. I mean really, what's not to enjoy?




Before heading out Cj asked if he could enter the GameStop raffle for a new Xbox One and I handed him my business card to toss in the bowl, and to our surpise a few days later we learned he won! The timing couldn't have been any better because his Wii was no longer working, and after a few turns on his uncles Xbox he knew he wanted to try out the latest console at home for him and his little brother {yes, and most likely his dad too}

The only problem was ...... we had no new games for him to jump right in and start playing, aside from the downloadable one it came with. Honestly with back to school shopping for two quickly growing boys, purchasing new games just wasn't in the budget so we headed to GameStop to try out their trade in program which is a good alternative to try. 


 Here's what you should know and our tips on the program:
  • If the gamers in your family love to try new games frequently and once they are done completing the game are ready to move on to the next, you should look into the trade in program at Gamestop  which can help parents save a few bucks by allowing them to trade in games that their kids have outgrown or beaten in order to earn cash or points towards a new game or even a console.
  • Before heading to your nearest Gamestop location you should check out the value of your game, console, accessories or electronics at .
  • Our recommended tip is that you trade in your games sooner than later, because although they will take in your dusty games that are sitting on the shelf the game won't be worth as much as time goes by. One of the games we tried to trade in was quite a few years old and it wasn't worth much so we definitely say play your game a few times and trade it in as soon as possible.

Since the hubby and I grew up yelling "Finish him" at the screen while playing Mortal Kombat the boys can't wait to try out Mortal Kombat X, I know, a little gory but the features on the Xbox One are amazing and that game and the special effects have come a long way from the graphics we had back in the day!
Are there any new games or consoles out there your family can't wait to try out? or games you want to trade in?


  1. I saw when you posted that he won! Such a lucky kid. I wish I had games to trade in. I do want to get another gaming system for the house (we got rid of our before we moved).

  2. Congratulations. I know winning that game system made his day. I live in Gamestop. My daughter is always telling me to trade in our games. However, I have yet to do so. I always have my family members children over. So because of this I will have something age appropriate for them to play. I was considering purchasing the Xbox 1 but opted against it because the games for Xbox 360 are not compatible with the Xbox One.



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