Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween is On the Way! Treat your Kids Teeth to Hello Toothpaste & DenTek Fun Flossers #Scoutbox

 Kids Oral Hygiene

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With Halloween right around the corner, my boys and I'm sure lil' monsters everywhere can't help but get excited for trick or treating door to door and scoring buckets full of yummy treats. My youngest Tristan who's 5th birthday is three days before Halloween most definitely has a major sweet tooth and unfortunately two cavities as a result of it. He can't resist wanting sugary candy and pastries once it's caught his eye. In the past he had been the child begging at checkout for the bag of skittles or M&M's (and I'd cave in) or caught climbing up on a stool to reach for the candy jar (and I'd cave in). Now we've eliminated all candy in the house except for occasional fruit snacks and he understands it's because he has to let us help him take better care of his smile!

Pediatric tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood illness. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 67 percent of children experience tooth decay by age 19. This trend begins early in life – 23 percent of 2- to 5-year-olds already have cavities.

On a recent visit with our dentist we discussed our healthy oral hygiene habits we try to implement at home to prevent any more cavities from developing and have tried to make the process way more fun for the boys. We recently tried out the new delicious flavored Hello Toothpastes that came in our scoutbox and fruity flavored Dentek Flossers which we picked up at Target and both are a big hit in our house.

DenTek Flossers come in a wild fruit flavor that my monsters thought tasted really really good! So good, that all they wanted to do was suck the juicy flavor right out of them {which I'm sure is probably not recommended}. With a smaller head and easy to grip handle these colorful flossers are a really fun way for kids to develop good oral care habits early on.

Goodbye boring mint flavored toothpaste and hello awesome kid-friendly flavors that are sure to make brushing teeth way more tasty. Hello fluoride toothpastes not only help prevent cavities and polishes teeth, but they come in 3 flavors - Bubble gum, Blue raspberry and Green apple & taste great too! Trust me, you won't need to convince your kids to keep brushing, you'll more likely have to tell them to save some for later.

How are your kids doing with flossing and brushing their teeth? Which flavor Hello toothpaste do you think they'd love best?

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