Monday, July 11, 2016

7 Weeks of Summer Camp At Home: Around the World

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With summer vacation well underway whether you've been traveling or staying close to home with the kids it's so important to avoid summer brain drain by showing our children that learning can be fun beyond the classroom. This year I've teamed up with some fantastic parenting bloggers to bring you 7 weeks of themed activities and more to engage in with your little monsters while school is out. We are wrapping up our themed posts with a focus on "Around the World" and in light of what's going on in the news I think learning about the differences among races and cultures is perfect timing! As a former educator in elementary and preschool classrooms this made me miss teaching and was really fun to put together.
 I hope you all enjoy!

Here are weeks 1-7 of our Summer Camp At Home series:
Travel the Globe with a Turn of a Page: 

Here are 9 great books that will open your children's eyes to the diverse world around us through art, cooking, geography, language, math and poetry. Just think they can visit China, Africa, Greece, Paris, Alaska and Kentucky without ever getting off their couch and a bit of imagination. With varied topics you can peek the interest of each individual child and introduce them to something new. 

Home Schooling

Around the World Inspired  Educational Games & Toys:

Explore the world around us with fun, interactive and engaging toys that will keep kids busy while you prepare snacks and activities for the rest of the day. 

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Let's Get Snacking:

Now that they've worked up an appetite take a break to create some simple and tasty finger foods from different cultures. Take the time to discuss the ingredients and what country each dish comes from and the history behind them. For my two boys they don't need a reason to jump into the kitchen and would enjoy pretending to be international Master Chefs with these easy to make treats. 

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Fairy Bread {Australia} // Frushi  {Japan} // Stromboli {America/Itay} //
 Chicken Spring Roll {China}

Around the World Inspired Arts and Crafts:

Grab the glue sticks, construction paper and paint and don't be afraid to let the kids get messy. There's nothing a little water and baby wipes can't pick up. This hands on opportunity to create a beautiful piece of work will show them the differences in celebrations, art, architecture and traditional dress. 

Home Schooling

Tune in and Cheer on Another Country During the 2016 Olympic Games : 

With the Olmypics being broadcasted this August in Rio it makes for another great way to introduce other countries and history of the games.
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Take a Trip and Get Cultured: 

Just in case the kids or even you start craving a bit of outdoor fun you can always take a trip to the local museums or find a live street performer or art to view for a dose of culture. Here in NYC there's an abundance of places for kids to learn about the people and countries that make up our melting pot like this Cool Globes public art on display in Battery Park that raises awareness about climate change around the world for FREE!  

Home Schooling

Be sure to Pin the above picture to save all 7 weeks of themed Summer Camp at Home Lessons that can be used all year round!


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