Monday, October 31, 2016

9 Affordable Pet Goods from Groupon to Welcome a New Puppy #Groupon #ad

Some how I've been convinced that we need to add to our little family and since everyone keeps asking when are we going to have a little girl, my hubby and the boys have found the perfect solution: Nutella! My brother in-law Chris's pitbull Bonnie recently gave birth to puppies and we're bringing one home this November. I'll admit Pitbulls have always made me nervous because of the horrible stereo-types out there about the breed, but my BIL's dog and my sister's dog Magic are as sweet as can be, so it's all in how you raise them. Despite having a dog already, preparing for a new dog is quite like preparing to bring home a baby, and there's so much we need to do before her arrival. Thankfully we don't have to break the bank and can find fun and affordable necessities in the Goods category on Groupon that we can have shipped to our apartment.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Comments expressed are 100% my own.

Isn't our newest member just too cute for words? I have a feeling she's going to be super spoiled and I'm going to have to get used to not being the only girl in the house.

Here's a few of our must have's for pets:

Whether your four legged friend is active or mellow having a comfy place to lounge will make their day. I love that these  orthopedic pet beds, are simple and stylish for our apartment. $34.99

We need these right now. We'e so limited on space this is a great solution to the usual storage conundrum. $22.99

I'm not a fan of the "training" process {currently dealing with our six year old who occasionally still wets the bed} and I'm hoping things go over smoothly and quickly. Nutella seems like a smart pup, hopefully she'll pick up quickly on where to go to the bathroom with the Puppy Potty Trainer $16.99 and crate training in general $22.99

Light Up LED Safety collars are perfect for those late night walks the hubby usually takes our current pooch on.  $5.99

Not only are these coats with fur trimmed, removable hoods cute, they are sure to keep your pet warm. No need to foresake style to battle the change in seasons. These Metallic Dog parka's are adorable and come in 7 different colors. $16.99

Our oldest Cj is responsible for dog walking after school, which means it's his job to pick up the poo, and he certainly appreciates when we have baggies on hand like these eco -friendly waste bags. $16.99 for 1,000

While she's still small it would be great to bring  Nutella out on some of our pet-friendly excursions as she get's carried along comfortably through the city. This travel pet carrier   would make life so much easier since it's also airline approved! $22.99

Deck your dog with funny ugly sweaters, fa la la la la, la la la la! I cracked up at this assortment that make a cool holiday gift. $12.99

Which of these Pet geared Groupon Goods would be a must for your pup?

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