Friday, October 7, 2016

Freshen up Your Tween's Routine with Scented Glad Products #ad #MTNightOut

There come's a point when the kids get a little bit older and they have to start helping out around the house. Not only because it's helps alleviate one more thing that needs to be crossed off the checklist but because it will also instill a sense of responsibility in them that will prove valuable as they go out to face the world on their own. With our oldest CJ starting middle school this fall we thought aside from the chore of cleaning his room we'd freshen up his everyday routine with a few more household duties like taking out the trash.  During a recent mom's night out event with Momtrends' very own Nicole Feliciano we talked about balancing mom life and I realized one way for me to simplify life would be to delegate more tasks for the kids. That evening we also discovered the wonderfully scented line of odor shielding trash bags from Glad as we made our own Glad with Febreeze inspired hand lotions.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

With scents like Hawaiian Aloha, Lavender Breeze, Fresh Vanilla and more , Glad with Febreeze neutralizes odors for up to 5 days, which is great because we all know sometimes the kids can get so caught up in their own world that they can forget to take care of their household duties. We love how great the Glad bags smell inside our garbage cans, you wouldn't think that it could stand up to all the trash a family of 4 can accumulate in a few days, but it really does the trick!

CJ was pretty darn impressed with how good the trash bags smelled, although he put them close up to his nose to take a whiff, you could actually smell the fresh scent just from standing above the trash can. 

The bags come either in a quick tie version with four flaps closure or with a drawstring which makes carrying much easier. Either way these durable 13 gallon sized bags keep all the trash in and keep your house smelling clean.

CJ has proven to like his new assignment of taking out the trash and is able to decide whether he wants to do it before or after school. He's pretty proud of his contribution to the household and it's one less thing I have to worry about doing.

What would your favorite Glad with Febreeze scent be? What chores are your kids taking responsibility for in your home?

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