Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our So-Called Balanced Life: Discovering Must Have Products to Simplify the Everyday #MTNightOut #ad

When you're a mama who's juggling life inside and outside of the home, a night out with other women who can undoubtedly relate is always a welcomed pass time, right? I'll be the first to admit - the mama hustle is real! C'mon, it's ok you can admit it too - finding balance can be hard and usually the last thing on our checklist is scheduling in a little well earned "me-time" in between the conference calls, school plays we'd feel guilty about missing, trips to the pediatrician that leave you in waiting rooms well passed your scheduled appointment and scrubbing the gross off the bottoms of toilets {i'm a boy mom}.  Hubby works late nights till 1am as a chef so if I can manage to get a babysitter and I'm not dealing with a Crohn's disease related flare up, there's no way I'm passing on a chance to hang out with my blogger babes. 

Picture a perfect autumn NYC evening with gorgeous rooftop views of the twinkling Soho lights, add some DIY, bubbly and stories of how we manage get it all done with must have products that help us master the chaos and it's surely going to be a good night! Thanks to Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends & Meredith Publications {Parents, Fit Pregnancy, Family Fun and Parents Latina} who gathered tried and true brands like Glad, Quaker Oats,Clorox, Philips Avent & Earth's Bestwe were able to channel our creative sides while discovering & using the best products to make life easier for busy parents. 

Disclosure: This is a post sponsored - opinions expressed are 100% my own 

Take a peek at what the night entailed and get the scoop below on these products that every household honestly should have stocked at all times!

To this day I am still a Parent's magazine subscriber and it's been a go to parenting resource for the last twelve years as I toss the magazine in my bag and fold corners and tear out pages for tips, websites I need to check out and crafts/recipes I want to eventually find the time to try. So I definitely had a fan girl moment when I realized that chief editor Dana Points was in attendance {she's a NYC boy mom x2 also} to chat about their October issue and Parent's magazine's article " Is Work-Life Balance for Moms Total BS?"

"That’s what moms do, right? We try to kick ass at work while also carving out time to make something for the bake sale, connect with girlfriends over pinot, and have sex occasionally. While we definitely have our moments where we think that we’re barely keeping the boat afloat—incredibly, we still feel pretty optimistic that somehow, some way it will all work out. Of the more than 2,000 moms in Parents’ exclusive survey, 63 percent still believe balance is achievable."
The top 3 stressors: 67% said the home, 60% said money and 58% said work  

After all that talk about what's been stressing us out, it was time to sip a little more wine & to get crafty with the best of the best for everyone's home.


Glad bag products have been a staple in my family since I was a kid and it's probably why we buy them still today. Since I don't do the majority of the cooking, I usually end up kitchen cleaning duty which is OK because it means it get's done to my liking. Our oldest CJ is now responsible for taking out the trash but of course there's a day or two where he'll totally forget. Thankfully Glad with Febreeze neutralizes odors for up to 5 days - guaranteed. With scents like Hawaiian Aloha and Lavender Breeze we had the chance to make our own Glad bag inspired lotions that smelled amazing!


Clorox had always been fully stocked in my preschool classrooms and naturally I rely on the wipes to clean up the yuck that we can't see lurking through our apartment. With cold and Flu season swiftly approaching, it's pretty impressive that their disinfecting wipes kill 99.9% of germs, i'll surely be putting them to work. There was a point in life, as a first time mommy and new teacher where I'd constantly find myself roaming the aisles of Target for cleaning supplies or Michaels in hopes to be inspired to create while learning how to be a stay at home mom. We had the chance to glitz up the Clorox canisters with washi tape, blinged out stickers and more.


I could sing the praises of Quaker Oats! My two lil' monsters are two oatmeal loving fans and could eat it around the clock if they could, so breakfast for dinner is definitely a #momwin . Quaker oats posed the question: If you had an extra hour in the morning what would you do? Seeing as I'm currently up at 2am writing this post I would definitely request an opportunity to sleep in, but in order to do that there has to be a game plan to have breakfast ready go in the morning. Which is why their overnight oats should be stored in everyone's cabinets. Just grab some milk and your favorite fruits, mix it up and you're ready to go!


We are constantly on the go so it's essential to have quick snacks on hand that not only taste good but are healthier options for us to throw in our diaper bags, purses and glove compartments for the littlest monsters. For 30 years Earth's Best has provided us with those yummy organic options for babies and now they have a fun new line of snack bars, cookies and fruit cups that not only your kids will love, but that you won't feel guilty about snacking on too! I'm loving their frozen food and special diet options. 


I'm a first time Auntie this year and when it came time to decide which bottle and pacifier to suggest to my sissy, Philips Avent was an obvious choice and one we used with our second son who was breast fed and formula fed due to me needing to occasionally be on heavy meds to control my Crohn's flare ups. Philips Avent, is the #1 reusable bottle brand and pacifier brand in the US and helps give babies a healthy start in life for a healthy future.


No Momtrends party is complete without coveted raffles prizes and it was great to see some of the ladies win big" from gift cards, to a years supply of Glad Products and of course the amazing swag bags for all the guests to try out some of the products.

The mom's night out was just what us busy, multi-tasking mama's needed to unwind! Thank you Momtrends, Meredith Publications & Glad, Quaker Oats,Clorox, Philips Avent & Earth's Best for such a wonderful evening!


  1. Sounds like such fun night. I love the creativity of decorating the Clorox containers.

  2. Looks like I missed a great event! Finding the balance to life is the never ending question. Does it exist? Who knows, but these products and tips will definitely help along the way.

  3. ahhh, if Motherhood truly had a pause button. Thanks for coming out and having fun with us!



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