Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Imaginations Run Wild with Schleich's Big Adventure at the Water Hole #Sponsored

Disclosure: This is sponsored post in which I received compensation for, but my review and opinions are 100% my own.

As much as we love visiting our local Zoo's and watching the animals in their natural habitats it's nearly impossible to get to visit any of them with school back in session and with the temperatures cooling down, making trips like that are far and in between these days.  Watching the boys pull themselves way from the gadgets every now and then to enjoy some imaginative, pretend play makes me so happy so I knew with their fascination for wild animals and their love for viewing National Geographic that the Schleich Big Adventure at the Water Hole set would keep them busy.

The Schleich Big Adventure at the Water Hole set reminded the boys right away of one their favorite animated children's movies, can you guess which one? Our six year old probably asked every other hour if we were ready to set up before the actual moment he was able to help unbox all the pieces.


Looking back on a decade ago when the hubby and I used to work at FAO Schwarz together I remember all the very detailed figures Schleich had and always thought the dragons and Knights were pretty cool. Once unboxed the boys started to snap together the pieces that formed the beautiful Safari landscape. We realized our ottoman was too soft a surface to work on because they couldn't connect the pieces and once lifted, it was easier to do. 

As soon as they took out each animal the boys were ready to start pretending they were out lurking through the Savannah hunting for prey as the king of the jungle and one pretended to be a mischievous monkey who ended up climbing a tree which could also be turned into a bridge.The hand painted figurines were very detailed and you can tell the plastic is of great quality and durable which means you don't have to worry about them getting damaged. The set was so detailed that if you looked into the shimmery water hole you could see the reflection of the trees and plant life painted on it. You may even spot a fish! With interchangeable peaces kids can rearrange and place the plant life and animals wherever they like.

Geared towards ages 3-8, for $99.99 the set is a great gift for the holidays or as part of a center in a classroom and you can purchase other accessories and animal figurines separately. The boys are hoping to add a fruit bat, giraffe, giant turtle, hippo and elephant which will enhance hours of play and certainly lead to bigger adventures! Take a look at the unboxing video the boys created below and stay up to date with Schleich on Facebook and Twitter.

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