Friday, November 18, 2016

Grab the Popcorn and Pass the Wine! Girls Night In with Groupon Coupons #Sponsored

Can you believe it will be Thanksgiving next week? It may be seasonably warm for this time of year but I'm beyond ready to let the holiday festivities commence. I've already started humming those classic soulful holiday tunes and we might actually get our Christmas tree up over Thanksgiving weekend. This time of year can definitely cause a frenzy of spending and although I do love my quality time with friends and family I'm not trying to go broke! Think about it, decorations, fancy schmancy outfits, the mani-pedis and blowouts, the gift giving...... the list goes on and on. One thing I do know is that I have no intention of having to commute across the five boroughs from one soiree to the next and will gladly partake in a house party or two to avoid the high costs of getting into some of these insanely high priced - so called "trendy" NYC venues. Thanks to Groupons Coupons you can crank up your Penatonix, Jackson Five,  holiday mix and Karaoke the night away with your favorite people while indulge in some popped corn and bubbly in the comfort of your own home.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and opinions expressed are 100% my own 

Whether your planning your get together with your tribe of besties or looking for gifts for even the most difficult family member to shop for Groupon Coupons is an aahh - mazing source to grab it all at an affordable price! You can score discounts on everything from concert tickets, to floral arrangements, food for your shindig, make-up and even adult toys {this is a judge free zone}. I figured with two of my best girlfriends celebrating birthdays before the year ends that I'd start brainstorming a girlfriends movie night and of course that means we're poppin' bottles and stuffing our faces one ! 

If you like your wine white, red, sweet or dry and snack on salty, cheesy or caramel popcorn there are quite a few yummy treats that will excite the taste buds of you and your guests from The Popcorn Factory and Deals include one cent shipping, $10 off instantly, 50% off domestic wines & more!
                          8. Sweet Wine Trio $29.99  9. White Wine Duo Gift set $54.99                       

The Popcorn Factory
Deals include Free Shipping on select product, 25% of Holiday gifts and more!

1. Bacon Lovers Box $32 // 2. New Years Fun Pail with Kettle Corn and Glitter  $20                      3.  Snowflake Deluxe assortment  $49 // 4.  Movie Night Scoop Boxes  $20 

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