Friday, November 4, 2016

Family Volunteer Day: Health & Happiness Kits for the Homeless #Sponsored

As you grow up and mature you learn to appreciate the loved ones and support systems you have in your life and realize the significance of giving back and doing good for those less fortunate than you. Despite our circumstance over these last few months: we've had lots of family loss, with the passing of two uncles and a grandmother suddenly, my husband losing his job {he has since been employed the last 6 months}, our 5 year old needing emergency surgery, my random Crohn's disease related flare ups and nearly losing our home - my husband and I try to convey to our boys that we should be grateful for who we have and not what we have because there are so many without. We find it essential to instill a sense of service in our boys and plan to participate in Family Volunteer Day this year.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Family Volunteer Day, held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and now in its 26th year, is a day of service that demonstrates and celebrates the power of families who volunteer together, supporting their neighbors and neighborhoods. Taking place this year on November 19th, Family Volunteer Day is powered by generationOn, the youth division of Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service, and sponsored by The Walt Disney Company.  

Volunteering as a family is a powerful way to teach children valuable real-life lessons about empathy and caring, build skills and provide positive ways for families to connect with each other and their community.   

There are 770,000 homeless children enrolled in the public school system in the United States. These children are homeless for many reasons, including poverty and shortages of affordable housing, as well as many other factors including lack of access to health care, domestic violence and addiction.  

Making Health and Happiness Kits for people in shelters or those without homes. 

• Donation Boxes  
• Assembly Line Bins 
• Paper Kit Bags 
• Toothbrush  
• Toothpaste  
• Hairbrush  
• Shampoo 
• Wash Cloth  
• Soap 

Feel free to add healthy snacks and substitute products as needed. We didn't include a hairbrush but did include deodorant, socks and tissues

1. Place items for the Health and Happiness Kits on the table in an assembly line fashion with the bags at the front of the line followed by the other items.  
2. Have the families select a bag and proceed through the line, placing one of each item in their bag.  
3. Once participants have completed the assembly line, have them place their finished kits in the donation box. 
4. Seal full donation boxes and mark them for donation.

Have participants come together after the project is over. Challenge each family member to come up with 5 words that describe the day’s experience in response to the questions below. If more than one family participated, consider forming teams!   
• Why was it important to do this project?
• How did you help?  
• What was it like to volunteer with your family? 
• What was the funniest part of the experience?  
• What volunteer activity would you like to do next?  

The boys were so excited once they'd filled their bags, they wanted to skip our Friday plans to look for a homeless person in need. It's so important to instill a sens of empathy and responsibility for the community, why not inspire your kids with a family volunteer project that you can all complete together.

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