Friday, February 10, 2017

Babes of All Ages Protect Your Booty with a Barre Class and Boudreaux's Buttpaste #ButtpasteBooty #Sponsored

Dislcosure: This Post is Sponsored by Momtrends & Boudreaux's Buttpaste. Opinions expressed 100% my own!

Leave it to a Booty focused Barre class in the Exhale Fitness and Spa at the Gansevoort Hotel, a chat about the newest line of protective pastes for a babies bum from Boudreaux's Buttpaste & your 35th birthday to remind you that you aren't getting any younger!  I hate working out alone so I will adjust my schedule as needed when a call for a group fitness class comes along. I'm way more motivated to work up a sweat these days with a tribe of my favorite mama's and girlfriends. As a mom and former preschool teacher those roles ended up keeping me tone and fit as I tried to keep up with all of my littles nearly 15 hours a day, plus my energy level was zilch after the commute from Midtown back to Queens during rush hour.  At work during the lunch & diapering {a.ka. the most ridiculously chaotic portion of they day}, it felt like a mad dash getting one lil' monster after the either wiped and de-crusted, while others started to smell a little less than baby powder fresh and their tushies agitated. Squatting down to pick them up, sometimes leg lifts over wooden safety gates {because their was mess everywhere} while easing them on to the table with a calmly hum song, just to bend down again to grab the wipes and sometimes greatly needed Boudreaux's buttpaste

I'd never tried a barre class but I was all for anything that was going to give my buns a lift. My hubby brought me a fitted sequin long sleeve dress, that was snug from the waist down to wear out for my girls night. I'm not really too body conscious, it's way more important to me to feel fit. Having done Tae - Kwon Do, Ju-Jitsu , ran track and field including cross country and spurts on the treadmill for fun while watching 106 and Park - I was used to and missed the adrenaline from working out. I want to get back to that but I know it's going to take baby steps. 

To celebrate the launch of the new Maximum Strength Butt Paste jar, a few of my favorite local blogger friends and I were invited out by MomTrends for a “maximum strength” booty workout, followed by healthy snacks, mini massages, and a photo-opp with the Boudreaux’s baby himself

The class was amazing! It was the type of pain that felt good because you knew every single one of your muscles were as woke AF and confused about the once familiar sensation. Who knew you could feel such a burn from a low - impact barre class? I was definitely pleasantly surprised. My quads and hamstrings were probably quivering just a bit from all those bottom firming techniques and my abs were screaming "what took you so long? Thank you!" 

Here's 2 Booty Focused moves we did in case you want to try it out:

Pelvic Tilt
  1. Lie flat on your back with knees bent, feet hips’ width and parallel.
  2. Press lower back into the floor, tilting the pelvis up. On the way up, leading with tailbone. On the way down, back of waist touches mat first.
  3. Tilt higher and lift the lower back off of the floor and maintain hips high (keep the weight into shoulders not your neck). Move at different rhythms. Watch that your back doesn’t arch: keep abdominals engaged
  • Keens together, feet apart.
  • Single leg extended about hip.
  • Feet together, knees apart.
Challenge: Use of playground ball between inner thighs or yoga block may be used as a variation.
  1. Lay on your side, propped up on your elbow like a side plank (maintain alignment of your elbow under shoulder).
  2. With upper back and hips in line, extend your legs forward and stacked to a 45 degree angle, and bend both knees in half, bringing your heels towards your seat. Keep your upper body static and maintain a neutral spine.
  3. Lift and open your top knee while keeping your feet together and lower to close. Repeat 10 times pulse halfway up for 10 times, and repeat.
Challenge: Lift whole leg up and down. Alternate touching knee to knee, toe to toe (internal/external rotation) as you keep your core tight to avoid rolling hips back and maintain form.

I'm always a fan of innovative new design from a brand that's been a staple for a long time, a freshening up is always fun! Don't you wish it was as fun as slathering on a bit of paste to protect your booty from some of life's unpleasantness? Ha!I'm loving the new flip top cap and that there's no overbearing scent, just simple and light. Having seen the bottoms of about 10-24 babies and toddlers 5 days a week for nearly 5 years I've seen how Boudreaux's Buttpaste has helped clear up some of the most irritated booty's because it's delicate and safe to use while working effectively to keep your littlest of monster comfy.
Thank you for hosting Boudreaux's Buttpaste, MomTrend's & Exhale Spa! 

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  1. I love working out with company too! And I can't get enough of that flip top cap either!



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