Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Top 3 Must Haves for Lil' Monsters at The 2017 New York Baby Show #MTBloggerLounge #NewYorkBabyShow #AD

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

The 2017 New York Baby Show was bigger and better than ever with over 5,000 families in attendance! It was the place to be for new and expectant parents to discover the latest trends and innovations in baby gear, listen in and ask questions to experts on panel, learn how to capture the best photos and so much more. Let' be honest with so many options out there it can be so overwhelming to decide on what you will absolutely need to get you through those first few years and of course there are the products that may not be a necessity but have you swooning nonetheless. Earlier this month my sissy Nicole, my 13 month old nephew baby Q and I were invited by Momtrends to Pier 94 for an afternoon of fun while checking out the coolest must haves for lil' monsters and essential services to make life simpler as a new parent.

I'll be the first to admit that as a mom of a tween and a six year old, I am beyond jealous of all the amazing new products on the market and wish that I had so many of them when I was raising my babies. Have you seen the strollers these days? I'm exaggerating but they are so dang compact, it seems you could almost put them in your pocket! Check out some of our absolute favorites from day one at the show, including our top 3 "Must Haves for Lil' Monsters". Please note that it was really hard choosing only three, I'm so glad we're not on the hunt for baby essentials with all of the choices out there but it was fun hanging out with my nephew Q.

Obviously when you live in New York, many times we barely have the adequate space for two adults let alone the cat you've had since college and now a baby. I'm loving all of Babyletto's gliders, cribs, furniture and bedding and chose it as a top brand because they produce quality nursery decor in fun colors that are eco-friendly and affordable. Their Hudson crib is only $399 which is a steal for modern families. 

There are an insane number of strollers in stores these days and I've come across some real stroller addicts {like my sister pictured above} who get beyond excited when a new ride hits shelves and they need to have each and every one. Of course having one of those strollers that fold down all nice and compact are great for traveling solo, especially up and down in city subways or when traveling but for an everyday stroller with all the bells and whistles we were really impressed with the Guzzie and Gus Connect Stroller {which was also New York Family's pick}. It's absolutely perfect because you can get the newborn accessories: Bassinet, car seat adapter and the stands for both or if you have an older child you can add a universal stroller hitch board that they can stand on.  You'll love the large extendable canopy that has mesh ventilation on the sides that also allow your little one to see the world as you cruise through the city. I also really liked the basket below, not because it was really large but because it could be closed up, allowing your belongings to stay secure on your Target run or your walk through the park. 

Smushed Organics caught my eye on Instagram and I was glad they were on hand at The New York Baby Show for my nephew and I to try out, Yes, I tried it and it was delish! As a mama with Crohns disease sometimes my sensitive tummy can't tolerate more than blended up fruits and veggies. A weekly subscription service that delivers fresh, homemade baby food that can be skipped or canceled at anytime, otherwise expect to see it at your door on Sunday. Maybe you know you'll be traveling or you have a hectic work week, I'm all for finding a solution like this service that will make life easier and allow you to free up a few moments in your day to actually sit down and have dinner with your little one. Doesn't Mangoes with rolled oats and coconut milk sound tasty? And if you join their recycle-reuse program you'll receive a thank you discount!

With over 100 vendors there's certainly something for every new & experienced parent to choose from and in between perusing the booths you should definitely find time to sit in on a seminar, take a break in the lounge or reading area and who knows you may even run into a friend or two like I did. Just as I was walking out I put my camera down and four of my friends from high school were standing right in front of me, It had been 17 years since I'd seen them! Make sure you're following The New York Baby Show on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop on the 2018 show. 

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