Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kick off Summer with Chef Capon and Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Fire Starters #PineMTNGrilling

Disclosure: We were invited to attend & opinions expressed are 100% my own. 
Who doesn't love a good cookout, with yummy food, friends and family, music and games?Our family surely does! But I have to admit that one of my biggest pet peeves during family functions, especially the ones that we host is that my hubby is always slaving in the kitchen, or during the summer months - stuck behind the grill. To him it's no big deal because in his eyes grilling is the quintessential thing to do as often as possible, all summer long. It doesn't matter the day of the week, Mike enjoys throwing down probably just as much as we all love stuffing our faces with the food he prepared. Last week we were invited to "The Grilling Games" presented by Pine Mountain® firestarters and firelogs and Royal Oak®charcoal which had Chef Chef Josh Capon, the executive chef behind Lure Fishbar, B&B Winepub and El Toro Blanco in New York City as their special host.   

You can enjoy a good fire with the simple strike of a match—anytime, anywhere using the Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Fire Starters & we learned just how easy they are to use & how essential they are to our next BBQ. 
  • For indoor or outdoor use—fireplaces, fire pits, charcoal grills, chimnies, wood barbeque grills and smokers
  • Burns 20+ minutes for quick and easy lighting
  • Clean burning and odorless with less flare-up
  • Fits most grates
Even during a BBQ we try to stay conscious of the types of food that we serve and try to mix up the traditional items with a few healthier options. Regardless of what ends up on the grill, there's noting worse than your food having that gross chemical taste from the lighter fluid being used. The ExtremeStart Fire Starters are made from recycled saw dust, molasses and recycled candle-wax mixed together, making it food quality safe. 
And the best part about using these fire starters is that once you've got that flame going, you don't have to be on top of it. You can actually enjoy your guests and play a game or two while you wait for your juicy burgers, so I can't wait to try them out. 

It wouldn't be The Grilling Games without some competition!  Along with the media, NYC passerby's could stop by to challenge each other to see who could flip the most burgers in the fastest time and who can call themselves the corn hole champion.

 Our mini foodie Tristan loves being in the kitchen and will probably always remember visiting the Burger restaurant that his daddy worked in. Naturally it was no surprise, with dads help that he was able to flip 17 burgers!

Chef Capon was really impressed with Tristan's hotdog tossing skills {you'll have to check out the video.

Chef Capon tickled our taste buds with grilling demos of a few of his well-renowned grilling recipes 

Doesn't that look delish? I don't think I'd ever tried Bratwurst prior to that day, but it was so good and the crowd loved it. You didn't taste anything other than the flavor of the food. 

You can purchase the Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Fire Starters at Walmart & Amazon. 

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