Monday, December 18, 2017

Celebrate the Season and Visit Godiva's Rockefeller Center's "Chocofeller" Tree

There's nothing more iconic in NYC during the holidays than the stunningly lit Rockefeller tree, but wouldn't it be beyond amazing if there was a version you could actually eat?  Personally, the holidays and delicious sweets go hand and hand during gatherings with family and friends so it only makes sense that GODIVA is celebrating the season in chocolate!  The GODIVA team paired its chocolate chef Thierry Muret with Chocolate Genius Paul Joachim  who created an innovative holiday storefront display at Rockefeller Center - a scale replica of the entire plaza and a life size Christmas Tree made entirely out of chocolate, complete with a 7’6” Chocofeller Tree (get it?), a 9’+ chocolate Rockefeller building made of petite fours, an ice-rink with skaters all lit with over 1,000 lights controlled through Twitter.  

Of course we think it's pretty cool that NYC has the first social Christmas tree because you can tweet @Godivatree to actually control the lights! Anyone can live stream the Godiva Tree lighting and watch the lights change from around the world.


  • 225 lbs – the weight of the 7’6” Chocofeller (get it? Chocolate Rockefeller) Tree
  • Over 9’ tall – the height of our mock Rockefeller building created out of 1XXXs of Petit Fours for the display
  • 1,200 – LED lights on the tree controlled via Twitter
  • 5x – Industrial chocolate-warmers that had to be brought in to prep the chocolate
  • 69,000,000 – Active US Twitter users who can request and control the holiday lights via Twitter
  • 360,000,000 – Amount of people who will be able to livestream the Godiva Tree on YouTube

Check out this TimeLapse Video that shows the process to get this yummy ChocoFeller tree ready to display for passerbys at the Godiva Store and if you're in NYC checking out the real tree, you should totally gift yourself a box of their new petite fours. 

Photos and Video Courtesy of Godiva 

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