Friday, June 8, 2018

A Case of Baby Fever and Top 3 Picks from the 2018 New York Baby Show #NYBSBloggerLounge

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Baby fever is no joke and I've been showing all the classic symptoms: oohing and aahing over their tiny baby toes and adorably cute summer outfits in Target. With close friends pregnant or celebrating 1st birthday's I've been eyeing the latest and greatest must haves for babies and every Spring there's only one place to go!. At this years 2018 New York Baby Show I decided to scope out some of the newest and coolest products for little ones with my blogger babes and team Momtrends who hosted us all in their amazing blogger lounge. It's always so tough to narrow down the best of the best for the little ones so I've highlighted a few brands you should check out plus my top 3 picks that had only been launched within the last two years.  

Top 3 Must Haves for Lil' Monsters: 

Inspired Start: These days it seems our little ones are found to be allergic to anything and everything and it can be overwhelming for parents to decide on which baby foods to introduce for the very first time. Admittedly I found Inspired Start's combinations {Banana & Shrimp, Mango & Soy, Pear & Egg etc.} to be very unique but I think the idea surrounding introducing your kids to allergens early on in a safe way is smart! According to the Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology allergenic foods can be introduced just like any other solid food between 4 and 6 months. Inspired Start pouches are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO; with no sugar added and exposed children to 8 common allergens. 

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor: When you've seen one monitor, you've seen them all right? Wrong! I was truly impressed with the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor for so many reasons because I felt several of it's features set it a part from some of the others already on the market. With it's positioning overhead it gives  the best view of baby day and night: See and hear your baby 24/7 with HD live streaming, unparalleled night vision, and zoom to get in close. Plus, Nanit works over Wi-Fi, even when internet is down. Nanit tracks sound and motion to keep you abreast of changes in the nursery. Temperature and humidity sensors monitor the environment, ensuring your baby is comfortable. It even has a soft glow night light to help you find those lost binkies and lovie's without disturbing naptime. 

Tranquilo Mat: Maybe it's my own personal lack of sleep that has me thinking of you new parents and the sleepless nights ahead but I'm hoping you add this to your arsenal of favorites to make babies naptimes and bedtimes way more chill. This portable, soothing and vibrating mat is perfect for helping your baby catch some zzz's,  is comforting during playtime and helps with colic. The Tranquilo mat mimics the womb with vibrations that remind them of mom's heart beat, it's best used in bassinets, cribs, Dock-A-Tots and the smaller version can be used in carriers and strollers. 

Which of these products would be a must for your little one? I'd love to know your favorites!

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