Friday, February 22, 2019

Celebrating Entenmann's Little Bites 20th Birthday with a Winter Break Muffin Party #LoveLittleBites

Disclosure: We partnered with Little Bites on this sponsored post and opinions expressed are 100% our own.

When school is out and your kids are home do your lil' monsters raid the snack cabinet as if they haven't eaten in days? Lawd! We don't even have to look but can hear our boys and toddler nephew creeping into the kitchen one by one during various times a day in search of something to munch on. In order to prepare for winter break we always make a Target run for goodies and a must have on our shopping list is of course Entenmann's Little Bites! Can you believe this year they are celebrating their 20th Birthday? 

Entenmann’s Little Bites snacks have the yummy taste kids love and are the good choice
parents want, leaving everyone cheeseball smiling. With a variety of 10 flavors, I personally
love that there's no high fructose corn syrup and zero trans fat. The chocolate chip flavor
hardly lasts a day in our house and I may or may not have a pouch in my bag that I
smuggle for my own enjoyment. If you tell my kids, I'll just deny it!

During the break we invited friends over for the boys to party and while us mama's caught up on the day to day, the kids kept each other entertained by enjoying playing board games, decorating muffins and stuffing their faces. Entenmann's Little Bite muffins have been a staple in the boys lunch boxes, as an after-school option paired with fruit and a favorite for our commutes to the city. Those pre-packaged pouches are such a time saver during those busy weeks filled with events and classes. Just grab one and go! 

Which Entenmann's Little Bites flavor is a fave in your house?  Pin this post & Host your own Little Bites Muffin Party & grab free printables for recipes, games & decorations in the party kit

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