Thursday, April 30, 2020

Projex Review: Screen-Free Arcade Gaming for the Entire Family and Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored partnership and we received a sample of the product to facilitate this review.  Opinions expressed are 100% our own. 

At this point, it's highly likely that your limits on screen time for your kids have flown right out the door in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic and juggling their distance learning with your remote work. I'll admit our two boys have had their fair share of gameplay these last two months while face-timing their best friends and cousins to help them relax and have fun while social distancing.

We're a family of gamers and always on the lookout for new ways for us to spend some quality family time together at home. When you have a tween and a teen to entertain, it can sometimes be a bit tough to all agree on what to do that's cool enough and age-appropriate for everyone to enjoy. We knew checking out Projex would be right up our alley because it's interactive fun for the entire family & mixes video gameplay with laser tag all while eliminating the need for a screen. WINNING!


Find a blank wall, switch off the lights, and get your game on! The ProjeX™ Projecting Game Arcade is seemingly pretty simple to use. You can turn any room in your home into an arcade just make sure you are using a lightly colored wall. In our apartment the living room walls are blue and beige, where gameplay was fine there it seemed we had more consistent target hits when we played on a white wall. 

What I love most about this game is that it doesn't need to be plugged in and only requires 3 AA batteries, which makes it great to play indoors or outdoors. When we first heard about it earlier this year, I was thinking how perfect it would be to play on the white fence in the yard on summer nights during our BBQs. Make sure they are good quality batteries, we learned right away that the kind from the dollar store won't quite cut it as we couldn't get it to turn on with a freshly opened pack. 

The Projex game comes with two blasters that can be plugged into either port despite the red and blue colors. Make sure that they are inserted all the way in so that the game recognizes that it's connected. If you want to use it one player mode, take the second blaster out before powering on or you'll hear a buzzer sound and may need to reset the game by taking the batteries out and putting them back in.

ProjeX lets you test your speed and skill as you blast moving targets that it projects right onto your wall. The three interchangeable image slides are each a different level of difficulty and project targets (easy), UFOs (medium) and ducks (difficult) – each with its own unique sound effects!

Play solo, head-to-head or in “Co-Op Mode,” where two players team up to get the highest combined score. You can select one of five game types, which consists of the target moving differently. My boys are big on games like Fortnite, Apex and Overwatch so hitting targets was completely in their expertise and they were hyped to face off against each other for the higher score. 

To play against each other, both players just pull back on the charger to load up and aim, keeping in mind that each player gets six rounds before needing to reload. Once you're out, the light on your blaster will turn off to indicate you need to reload. The base will keep score for you on the LED display. 


Overall we enjoyed playing with Projex, as fans of the LaserX line we figured it would be an awesome way to get in some family time without staring at another screen to have a good time. The easy portability is definitely a plus because the boys can take it with them when they are visiting their Nana's house or we could pack it up for our next family vacation and hotel stay. 

The boys didn't find the different slides to be too difficult until they changed it to level 3 and the target movement speed increased. They'd play each one on level 2 which had a bit of challenge for both of them but wasn't too easy. It was definitely easier to play on a white wall in comparison to the lightly colored walls, sometimes they felt the laser would mark the target but wouldn't give them the point. You should also note the darker the room the better and you can focus the image for clarity if needed. 

Where it's recommended for ages 6+, your entire family can enjoy this unique gaming experience for 49.99 – At Target and Walmart (U.S.) and $69.99 – Toys R Us (Canada). Have fun playing!

Disclosure: Dellah's Jubilation is not responsible for the facilitation of this giveaway or it's prize distribution.

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