Monday, February 25, 2013

Matchmaking Underground with the Love Conductor

 I've always found that riding the subway is the perfect way for me to catch up on my latest magazine reads and when I remember to bring it, I tune out to some music on the Ipod or even better I enjoy a light snooze before returning home to the boys.  A NYC  subway ride is also a great way to people watch and scope out all the good -looking, quirky people standing on the same platform as you or sitting across from you trying not to make obvious eye contact while stuck in a tunnel waiting for that annoying train congestion to pass. Well rather than pretending to be playing Temple Run 2 on your phone when that sexy looking guy or gal catches you starring their way, why not muster up the courage to chat them up? Yea right! the farthest many of you probably get is to give them a polite, yet awkward smirk and then go back to acting like you aren't curious about getting to know them better above ground.

That's where Erika Christensen who runs Train Spottings comes in {I read about her while flipping through my Time Out NY on the E train}, she's the matchmaker of the NYC Subway lines and hooks up single ladies and gents who she thinks may be a good fit for each other. Basically she sets you up on a completely blind date {no photo's, no profiles} with some other creative, fabulous New Yorker. On her site you can even post a description { Red-Beats wearing, bearded fella, curly hair with lots of swag sporting a checkered backpack and got off at 42nd street Bryant Park} about that person you were ogling over, but chickened out of approaching or even better they are signed up to the site too and a kismet hook-up can be made! I really love her belief that the Subway advice {those phrases that are broken up & barely heard through the speakers from the conductors} can be applied to our love lives and bring complete strangers together! Check out the site for advice on: Standing clear of closing doors, Minding the gap, If you see something say something and Improving Non-stop!

So what do you think, would you be willing to give the Love Conductor a try to help you find love, or at least a fun opportunity to connect with another great New Yorker like yourself? 

Image via: Train Spotting site

Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep Your Face Towards the Sunshine

I haven't painted since my days in High school but I think I'm going to have to take a trip over to Michael's Craft store and recreate this for myself as a daily reminder and hang it in my tiny work space. What started off as a great weekend visiting {during the recent blizzard Nemo} with my parents and hanging out with my sissy, brother and my boys, ended up in an intense disagreement between my father and I over my career choices and an extra dose of self-reflecting for me.

Everyone has a story to tell, has had hurdles to jump and bridges to cross, some hills steeper than others, some dark days longer than most but we managed {maybe with a few bruises} to get through them, didn't we? Over the years the Hubby and I have experienced a few moments that have literally knocked us on our butts and had us shedding tears, arguing, praying for a ray of light and picking up the pieces {more than once}and starting all over. Many of the situations were out of our control {loosing a baby, two major surgeries, dealing with a chronic illness, job-loss} and many were our own mistakes {lack of communication, mismanaging money} but somehow we've managed to keep pushing forward with the support of each other and awesome friends and family.

As I recently just celebrated my thirtieth birthday for a second time I feel like I've managed to complete many of the things listed on "Life's Journey" checklist, maybe out of order but completed nonetheless. I got engaged, pregnant {celebrated the engagement and ended up with a surprise} and graduated with my bachelors all in a 4 month span. I became a stay at home mom, signed up for graduate school for Elementary Education while working full-time and the Hubby worked, and I mean worked hard, at sometimes more than one job at a time. He's put his dream of culinary school on the back burner and I can't wait for him to bring it all to fruition. When we got pregnant with our second child {with the baby, doctors said I shouldn't have had because I was risking my own health} I was still working at a private preschool in midtown Manhattan and dealing with Crohns Flare-ups simultaneously. 

 Despite the hiring teacher freeze in NYC and my contract not being renewed at the preschool I taught at and enjoyed for 4 years{yepp the recession sucked!}, my passion for teaching never wavered.  My dad's concern is that my heart isn't in teaching anymore because I've pushed off completing my degree, which is so far from the truth. With only one class left I WILL FINISH, I'VE COME TO FAR! He's worried about us earning enough to collect a decent social security and other benefits, and .......... I was furious because I felt like even with everything I had accomplished it still wasn't enough and I know that my dad is just trying to forewarn us and protect me, but he's placed quite a few band-aides on bruises already and has convinced me to believe, so in turn so does he.

I worry about stability just like anyone else, I've just needed to take a few detours to get there and yes along the way other things have peaked my interest, like wedding coordinating while working alongside a childhood friend {and a team of three other fabulous creatives} who decided to start her company My Bridal Budget. I've been passionately working on this blog but haven't been able to give it 100% like I want to and  know it deserves. There have been times I thought I should just quit it, but then something pops in my head that I just need to share with all of you.

Joseph Campbell said "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us".  Despite it all I still see a fabulously bright future for our young family and as we sift through stormy weather and face the sun I look forward to living in the moment and enjoying the little wonderful things that come our way. 

Bunches of Xoxo's

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Oh Snaps! A Peek at My January on Instagram {#14}

1.A great start to 2013, committed to eating healthy & to taking care of my body. // 2. Spotted these fun yarn animals in Target that would be perfect for the boy's animal themed room. //  3. Our furry monster Sonic enjoying his Christmas toys.

{Then}Me & the Hubby at a friends wedding in 2007. {Now}The Hubby & I at a friends wedding in 2012 


The Hubby knows the way to my heart is by way of my tummy so for our anniversary weekend of 10 years together we headed to Cocktail Bodega for an early, laid back dinner {everything was good} and spiked smoothies and then to a cozy little restaurant  La Churreria for delicious churros and extra thick, chocolatey cocoa.

My first attempt at a homemade green smoothie, it was pretty good but needed bananas to make it a little thicker.

Although he's allergic to shellfish, the Hubby made me a lobster dinner and we had friends over for movies & bubbly.

1. Even superheroes enjoy a good bedtime story. // 2. I loved everything about this lady's subway swag, you can't see it in the pic but she was even rockin' a bit of fur. // 3. I don't think they"ll ever find their bird while waiting for the downtown B and C train. // 4. Special moments between my boys make everything all worth while.

Pizza making party to kick of CJ's 8th birthday festivities. Thanks to their dad the boys love being in the kitchen.

1. Tristan couldn't take his eye's off the cake while we sang Happy Birthday to CJ. // 2. Peek-A-BOO // 3. Tristan decided to make me a meal that would put a smile on my face and then later told me, "Mommy don't play with your food."

Early Sunday morning and the monsters are waving to the neighbors passing by.

Despite me being sick for the 2nd time in a month I didn't want Tristan to miss out on his first opportunity to  play in the snow. The monsters loved every second, although it wasn't snow good enough for a snowball fight it was great for making snow-angels and tasting.

I hope you enjoyed my snaps! 

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

Hopefully these snow filled weekends will shortly be coming to end and we can all come out of hibernation mode. When it snowed two weeks ago, despite me being sick I decided with Tristan being 28 months old and having never played in the snow, the evening called for monster made snow-angels. I know now that I'm completely over winter & being sick and need a cure for this serious case of cabin fever. Just the other evening we received a gorgeous peacock themed wedding invitation to one of my long -time friend's {since Junior High} wedding and it's the day before the Hubby's birthday, so not only am I anticipating a spring time  April wedding, but I hope we can turn it into a kids free celebratory weekend. As far as this weekend goes, we are hunkered down at my parents house {it brings the Hubby closer to the subway since he has to work}for a weekend full of movies. If the snow clears, on Sunday are trying to go with some friends to the Canstruction exhibit, which totally amazed CJ years ago when we saw the Super-Mario Bros. recreated. If we can't get outside I'm completely fine with canoodling on the couch and spending time with my crazy family.

If you plan on hangin' indoors here's a few lovely distractions to pass the time:

NYC inspired wedding dresses for the chic and fabulous!!

How to rock NEON in the snow.

"Let's Canoodle" and other extremely adorable Food Valentines and lots of intimate spooning.

A cute Sesame Street Parody on Downtown Abbey.

 Beautiful shattered glass animal sculptures {reminds me of icicles}.

Nutella + chocolate wafers = one yummy cake! Plus a few simply beautiful cakes.

Bridget Jones is Baaack!! Rally up your girlfriends.

A tiny apartment designed to have you screaming "When can we move in?"

Designers to follow on Instagram just in time for NYFW and speaking of designers I can't wait for this weekends launch of Prabal Gurung for Target so I can clutch this in time for spring.

Archie never could decide between Betty & Veronica, how will us girls choose between the new MAC colors?

Thanks for LINKing Up with me & remember to live in the moment and enjoy the weekend!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pining Over Pinterest // SO MINTY FRESH

Seeing as most of us can't seem to get enough of  the ever-so addicting site Pinterest I thought I'd share with you some of my weekly distractions that I'm currently pining over, that bring me inspiration or just have me cheeseball smiling.

With another snow storm approaching us this weekend I'm just hoping that Mr. groundhog hasn't told us a bold face lie and that winter is planning to creep it's way out of here. The inspiration behind this new series came from the beautiful image above of the snake which reminded me of days when the hubby and I would venture off to the Bronx Zoo with the monsters as soon as it got a little warmer to see all their newest arrivals.  Aren't you ready to Spring forward and embrace longer days & shorter nights, leisurely strolls & play-dates in the park and all things pastel ?

Feel free to check out my boards and follow me on Pinterest.

Bunches of Xoxo's

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