Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Must Haves For Lil' Monsters: Natural Skincare Line #AcureBaby

Natural skincare for baby

Disclosure: I was invited as media to attend the Acure Baby launch party. This is a sponsored post & opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Recently, I was browsing through one of my pregnant girlfriend’s baby registry and I surprised myself by hovering over the “baby care” section much longer than I intended. The list of lotions, creams, ointments and soaps caught my attention because almost all of them were “natural”, “green”, “organic” or some combination of those. It made me realize how much the market has changed since I compiled my very first baby registry 9 years ago. 

Natural skincare for baby

There wasn’t nearly as much choice, variety or accessibility to skin care products made with the conscious effort to keep toxic chemicals in the lab and not in my body wash. Looking at my friend’s registry made me smile, knowing that moms today have so much natural skin care at their finger tips. 


 I was invited by MomTrends to attend an exclusive blogger brunch to try out ACURE’s new line of products – ACURE Baby Care – it was encouraging to see an already-established natural skin care company venture into the baby aisle. They keep out the bad stuff – phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance – and since all their ingredients are plant and food based you can glance the bottle over and actually pronounce all of them. 

But ACURE goes one step further. As we were going through their materials, it was their tag line that struck me: “It’s not enough to be natural. It also has to work.” They’re upping the naturals game by emphasizing efficacy. It made me think how often, when using a natural moisturizer on my son, I have to reach for other products when his eczema flairs up. The moisturizer ought to be effective enough to keep the eczema at bay.

I was really impressed by how much thought went into making these products super-convenient. The 4-in-1 Foamer can basically cover your baby (and you, if jumping into the tub with your little one is your only opportunity to wash up) from head to toe in bubble goodness without cluttering your shower rack with a bunch of bottles. But the standout has to be the Baby Sun SPF 30 Stick – sunscreen in stick shift form. Absolute genius! Not only can I throw it in my bag and not worry about it spilling but I’m pretty sure I can just hand it to my children and they will gladly smear it on themselves.
Natural skincare for baby

Natural skincare for baby
With nothing above $30 and most of it available on the ACURE Baby Care line can easily become a part of our skin care routine. In the meantime, some of their yummier smelling products will definitely find their way into my girlfriend’s baby gift basket.
Thank you Momtrends & Acure Baby for having me and for the introduction to the product line!

Contributing Writer: Marta Glogowski is a SAHM Queens mama to a gaggle of three, who you can find on Instagram creatively setting pictures to words and giving a voice to the stories we ultimately have to tell for ourselves.

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