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Celebrate Earth Day with Target's Made to Matter Collection #MadetoMatter

There's something about Spring that just makes you pause to think about just how beautiful this planet we live on really, truly is. Maybe it's the simple witnessing of flowers in bloom, the amazingness of babies being born, the change in weather that makes us tidy up our homes so that we can spend more time outdoors, whatever it is don't you simply love it? Earth day is more than just a single day it's a largely significant movement that inspires and challenges all of us by igniting passion and motivating action! Which is why I thought today would be the perfect day to tell you all about Target's Made to Matter line and how they challenged 20 of the brands you purchase daily to make a difference in order to protect our planet. From the brands that supply the food we feed our families, to the products we put on our skin, and that we use to clean our homes they accepted the challenge to create innovative products with a purpose and were all handpicked by Target.

Each brand chosen had to meet at least one of five new product criteria 

  1. Reduced waste and Packaging: refers to the rising consumer demand for eco-friendly products that limit waste.
  2. Closed Loop Systems: refers to a production system in which the excess or byproduct of one process or product is used in making another product.
  3. Clean Label Products: refers to products that are made without additives and harsh chemicals.
  4. Dietary and Allergen Restrictions: refers to the growing commonality of specialized diets and food allergies.
  5. Reduced Sugar: refers to products that are low in sugar.
Disclosure: During a media preview last month I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek and taste test a few of the products already in Target stores and launching now through September 2016 and I've listed how each brand was able to succeed at the challenge. Opinions expressed are 100% my own, there was no compensation and samples were provided to review.

As a family that's always on the go, we're always looking for ways to mix up the goodies we keep in the snack cabinet and lunch bags. And like most of you, I find myself grabbing whatever I've packed in the backpacks for my kids because I've most likely forgotten to pack something for myself.

  • Happy Family realize that parents are concerned with what's hidden inside those to go pouches we hand our littles so they've created see through packaging that allows buyers to see all that yummy goodness inside before handing it off. Genius!{Clean Label, Reduced Packaging and Dietary and Allergen Restrictions}
  • Ripple was a new brand for me and I can't wait for you all to try when it hits stores in July! As someone diagnosed with Crohns disease, I've tried everything from soy milk, to almond milk as dairy substitutes so I was excited to try something new. I had the chance to try Ripple and it's creaminess and taste were probably as close to the real thing as I've ever tasted. And get this it's a dairy free milk alternative made from yellow peas! Yes I said peas, trust me it was delish and it stops the bloating! {Reduced packaging, Reduced Sugar and Dietary/Allergen restrictions}
  • Justin's snack pack is the perfect on the go treat that you can just toss in your bag. Keep an eye out for some new goodies in July. {Clean Label, Reduced packaging and closed loop}
  • Plum Organics Mighty Squares are coming this summer in mango, banana and coconut flavors. These baked multigrain biscuits have 0-1 grams of sugar and only 7 ingredients that your mighty tots will enjoy. {Clean Label, Reduced Packaging and Reduced Sugar}


Another standout snack for me was Annie's Homegrown Pea B & J Pockets that I had to try. This pea movement is such a wonderful alternative with so many kids developing allergies. Now kids can continue to enjoy childhood staples without parents worrying. These tasted just as good as a traditional Peanut butter and Jelly and will be available in Target stores May 2016. 
{Clean Label, Dietary/Allergen Restriction}

It's warming up and the line of Suja Organic Pressed Probiotic Water's are not only good for you, but with hints of ginger and cayenne which are great for digestion and tasty fruits like, pineapple, lime, orange and raspberry they are a refreshingly good way to stay hydrated. I'm not a fan of water but I finished my two bottles I had sampled that day! {Clean Label, Reduced Packaging, Reduced Sugar and Dietary/Allergen Restrictions} 

It's so important to teach our kids to eat a rainbow of healthy snacks and the Clif Kid ZBAR's are a colorful way to make sure they get a dose of whole grains, fruits and veggies. My 5 year old Tristan loved that the colors of the bars matched the packaging and after he ate the Keen Green one, he wanted to try the Awesome Orange and Purple Power one's as well. {

Ella's Kitchen is launching their Soy & Rice Milk drinks in August that are perfect to pack in lunch boxes in a Banana and Cocoa flavor and Berry Vanilla just in time for back to school.

Let your kids play with their food with these tangram shaped, smart crackers from Bitsy's Brainfood that will allow your kids to create different shapes. Love this idea for kids who are waiting for their meals at a restaurant or at the dinner table at home. {Clean Label, Closed Loop, Reduced packaging, Dietary/Allergen Restrictions and Reduced Sugar} 

The EnviroKidz Granola bites are a double dose of goodness because not only do they taste really good (Tristan preferred the little pieces of apple the best) but a percentage of sales go to animal conservation groups for each one you see featured on the packaging. {Reduced Sugar, Clean Label, and Dietary/ Allergen Restrictions} Make sure you try them out this June!

Beauty and hygiene are just as important as what we snack and sip on, so I love that they've put focus on these quality products for the entire family as well.
  • I'm all for citrus smelling beauty products because they wake you up, smell great and are energizing. The Yes To! Grapefruit facial wipes are 98% natural, Paraben free and brighten your skin. {Closed Loop, Reduced Packaging and Clean Label}
  • Plump those eyelashes with Pacifica Dream Big Mascara which features all natural plant fibers that help condition lashes while giving them volume. {Clean Label and Reduced Packaging}
  • Tom's of Maine has a new luminous white toothpaste, that whitens naturally, has no artificial sweeteners and is Gluten free. Their Wicked Cool deodorant for kids provides 24 hour protection, no Parabens, free of aluminum and artificial fragrances. {Closed Loop, Reduced Packaging and Dietary and Allergen Restrictions.

As the seasons change so does our skincare regimen and as it gets warmer I know I sometimes I tend to break out more so the Sheamoisture Peace Rose line for senstive skin is perfect. Consisting of facial cleansing oils, body wash, body lotion, a skin mud mask and facial moisturizer that I make sure I have with me at all times! There is also some great products for hair too. {Closed Loop and Reduced Packaging} 

The Honest Co. has recently launched a line of overnights in sizes 3,4,5,6 that are ultra soft, hypoallergenic and not to mention feature an adorable sleepy sheep print.
You won't need to buy dryer sheets or liquid softener for a very long time with Babyganics natural wool dryer balls that are great to use on the entire families laundry, from clothing to linens.  Not only are they baby safe and chemical free, but they help save energy & are good for up to 1,000 loads! {Clean Label, Closed Loop and Reduced Packaging}

I'm all for designer collaborations and who doesn't love when our favorite brands create products that are stylish and functional? The Method + Rebecca Atwood collection features all purpose cleaners, dish soap, hand wash, foaming handwash, and a soy candle in 4 fun prints. {Clean Label} 

Personally, I look forward to spring cleaning and getting down to the nitty gritty by scrubbing every surface top to bottom and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products are an environmentally friendly way to get the job done being at least 98% naturally derived. {Clean Label}

Which of these products are you looking forward to trying? Stay tuned because we'll be hosting a few fun giveaways to help with your spring cleaning, help you clean out your beauty bags and cabinets and healthy treats for all you summer excursions!

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  1. "This pea movement is such a wonderful alternative with so many kids developing allergies." It's very good proposition because many people suffer of allergy. I think that is very useful for such people.



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