Monday, August 29, 2016

Fun In The Sun: Making a Splash with 'Wet Head' on the Beach #WetHeadChallenge

August is almost behind us and we knew we had to find the time to squeeze in at least one beach day before the lil' monsters head back to the classroom, not to mention the hubby just won't let me live it down that he didn't get his chance to bask in the sun seaside last year. Where I do love watching the waves, laying out under the umbrella while flipping through magazines and watching the kids collect seashells in their cartoon character plastered buckets, I am far from a fan of anything sand related: building castles, being buried beneath it or discovering it in unfavorable places like our lunch. Zing Toy's Wet Head was the perfect water roulette game to introduce to our friends and pass away the time while giggling in anticipation over who'd be the first to get soaked.

Disclosure: We were provided the Wet Head game for review and all opinions expressed are 100% our own. No other compensation was received.

After some carefree summer shenanigans it was time to get down to business!

With temperatures reaching a sweltering 101 degrees my girlfriend, hubby and I knew that heading to the shore with the kids was a must. I figured playing a few rounds of Wet Head would be a really fun way to cool off and gave us a new way to enjoy ourselves at Jacob Riis.... a.k.a I could avoid playing in the sand! The game is simple and the laughter non stop! After you fill the the blue container on the hat with water and insert the pins the game can begin with just a twirl of the spinner.

Wet Head is perfect for ages 4+ and can be found at all your favorite retailers like Target, Walmart, Toysrus and Amazon for only $14.99. You can also continue the good times by downloading the Wet Head Challenge app for iOS or Android which has a special trivia option and recording features. 

The pictures don't lie, Dad was pretty nervous about getting wet!

Wet head is not only perfect for the beach, but during game nights, birthday parties and trips to the playground with you favorite people. Go ahead and press play on the video below to get a peek at how much fun this gaggle of monsters had and be sure to stay up to date on the latest Must Haves for Lil' Monster's from Zing Toy's on Facebook and Instagram.  

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