Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Working It Out with WWE Women's Revolution at Tapout Fitness #TapoutFitness #WomensRevolution

Honestly, I have no idea what possessed me into believing that it was a smart idea to join the phenomenal WWE Women's Revolution along with television personality & NY Times best selling author, Maria Menuonos in a workout event at Tapout Fitness, other than the fact that I've been an admiring fan of these hard-working, driven and athletic women for years! As part of the the WWE Summer Slam NYC Take Over my blogger babes and I, alongside other media outlets and WWE universe super fans joined in on a 60 minute class that had us all sweating, or as WWE superstar Naomi would say "Glowing". After a stressful morning of dealing with extended family drama, working it out in my head & in the gym was a more than welcomed way for me to clear my head! I was almost deterred from going because I was mentally drained but knew i'd regret missing out on an opportunity to get my adrenaline pumping in a positive way. 

Days later and I was still sore after these superstars had us workout every part of our bodies imaginable, parts I'm sure we busy mamas forgot existed. Would you expect anything less from a day at Tapout Fitness with WWE superstars: Lana, Summer Rae, Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox and two of my favorites: Natalya and Naomi. Finding time to squeeze in fitness is sometimes easier said than done and I for one don't have the funds to enroll in a monthly gym plan and need to start off simple, but enough with the excuses we went there to sweat!

I've always been a fan of working out with friends, it just seems to make the moment speedy by faster and you have each other to cheer on and support which was great! Each WWE superstar taught us about 5 different workouts each, some harder than the others but for the most part the routines required minimal equipment: mat, 2lb weights & a sliding disc {which was my favorite to do lunges with} and of course water to stay hydrated.

After the workout we all cooled off with yummy and refreshing fruit smoothies and had the chance to sit in on the Q & A and ask a few questions.

No lie, I definitely had a fan girl moment with Maria Menuonos in the room and listening to her talk about her 40 pound weight loss journey was inspiring because it's Every Girl's story, or the story many of us can relate to: she lacked the time, energy, money and motivation to get in shape and needed to get healthier because she was exhausted and getting sick often. Maria turned to the Mediterranean diet she grew up on as a child and developed a weight loss plan that didn't consist of fancy schmancy gyms and personal trainers we so often hear celebrities turn to. Maria's book the Every Girls Guide to Diet & Fitness is a great jump start to a healthier lifestyle and I started digging into it on my train ride home and felt so inspired.

During the Q&A we asked what traveling was like on the road, what advise they had for any women aspiring to get their start in the pro-wrestling industry and what matches they were looking forward to most during Summer Slam 2016. Afterwards we were able to grab pictures with the superstars and had the chance to chat with Maria one on one. As a gift we all received copies of her book and new Tapout Fitness workout apparel that can be found at JcPenney stores. 

Thank you WWE & Tapout Fitness for having us & inspiring us to get fit!

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