Friday, September 2, 2016

Kazoops: Kids Discover the Power of Imagination with Debut of New Netflix Show

Most of our kids have returned to the classroom or will be after the long labor day weekend and as a mom, former preschool and elementary school educator it's always been an enlightening experience watching both my boys and students question the world around them and to use their imaginations to make up their own stories and engage in creative play. At home we try to encourage deeper thinking and want our kids to feel as comfortable as possible seeking answers to whatever they are curious about. In the animated series Kazoop {debuts on Netflix on September 2nd, 2016} kids will follow the adventures of six year old Monty and his adorable best friend names Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig.  Monty uses his big imagination to challenge notions of everyday life such as "Why do all games need rules?", "Why can't we have more than one best friend?" and demonstrates the value of critical thinking.

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When something makes Monty stop and wonder he always says “Kazoops Jimmy Jones!” so we know his imagination is firing up and an awesome adventure is about to begin. Then after Monty tells Jimmy Jones what’s on his mind, he closes his eyes and says the words 'just imagine,' transporting us into his imagination, where he and Jimmy Jones go to amazing places, meet new friends and try to figure out the answers to his questions while exploring.

After watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio this summer, our 5 year old loved the Dinosaur Games episode the most and laughed while watching them play in their own prehistoric sports. Just like Monty he wondered which dino was the fastest. It was cute watching him make the comparisons to the real life games he watched in awe on television, especially the Track and Field games. In our house we were torn between cheering for Jamaica and the USA because both teams are pretty darn fast! 

Each imaginary adventure is accompanied by a unique song that tells the story and guides us on the journey with Monty and Jimmy Jones. The songs are vibrant and fun, with a variety of styles that will make you want to dance, laugh and sing. Our oldest son who's 11 walked in on the "Caribbean carnival games " song and found himself watching because the tune was so catchy. The words are really important too because they tell us about the new perspectives Monty discovers along the way.

In the episode about matching socks Monty questions why they have to match for the family picture and I remember when we started allowing our son to start dressing on his own for school and he'd pair whichever socks he liked - a green one with polka dots and one with yellow stripes and if we disagreed he similarly to Monty didn't understand the big deal as long as he had some on "You see mom, he's wearing socks! Why do they have to be the same?" 

Wondering "Why" is essential to our children's development & I'm a true believer that there's no such thing as too many questions or a silly one and Kazoop's is the perfect show for children age 3- 6 to ask away! It will easily become a weekend morning favorite show to watch with a bowl of cereal.

Do your kids love to ask a ton of questions? What's a question that they've asked that even got you thinking?

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