Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Channeling Spring: Mazda Joyrides and Floral Bomber Jackets #ExploreMazda #MazdaLatino

Sometimes you’ve gotta learn to just laugh at ya self! I am the furthest example of what a true fashion blogger looks like and my hubby probably has a better eye for what looks good on me. He is literally my stylist and shopping buddy, he never complains! I try not to take myself too seriously when it comes to style because comfort is key in my opinion. I’m short & bow legged, wear minimal to no make up and can’t stand posing for cameras. Last weekend I joined a few local bloggers for a brunch hosted by Mazda, DiMe Media and DriveShop at the beautiful New Leaf restaurant up by the Cloisters. 

I swear All of this bipolar weather - 70 degrees and sunny one day, arctic chills and chunky snowflakes the next, has had me clueless on what to wear these days. It's been a while since I've been out, the Flu and all kinds of cooties have had me and the youngest out of sorts these last few weeks and cabin fever has definitely taken it's toll on all of us. Weekend brunch with some of my fave mama's and driving around in the newest Mazda rides were the perfect cure. Plus I caught a bit of nostalgia because the New Leaf hosted the last wedding I coordinated before moving on to coordinating media/ consumer events and it was a great reminder of doing what I love alongside my blogging tribe. 

In attempt to radiate Springtime vibes, hubby and I hit up Macy's Backstage the night before and instantly spotted a satiny floral bomber jacket, which I ended up pairing with white denim and chunky heeled boots I already owned. 

With weekend train service and my trek from Queens {and only getting 3 hours of sleep} I was surprised that I pulled off arriving 15 minutes early to the venue and even bumped into my girl Karen of Mami Does it All on the A train heading uptown. Since we had some time to kill Karen was smart enough to suggest we shoot some pics and gave me some great tips on how to to pose before we went for our Learn & Drive with Mazda and Driveshop. 

I'll admit sometimes I get really uncomfortable taking pictures, literally my eyes start to twitch and then that feeling of awkwardness sets in before I start giggling as a defense mechanism.Frilly dresses and heels really aren’t my thing, I’d much rather wear skinny jeans and any cute top that will be gentle on my wallet. There’s an abundance of color and print in my closet and although this bomber is black it doesn’t really exist to me as a color unless I’m going to a funeral. 

If nothing else, I figure if l smile hard, cross my legs and my fingers there’s at least one good shot to choose from! 

In the past, I'm not sure many car buyers associated Mazda with the style of a lot of the sportier rides & luxury cars that are out but they have truly stepped it up at an affordable price point! Over the years Mazda has definitely proven with it's fleet of vehicles which include my two favorites the Mazda CX-5 and  the Mazda CX-9 along with the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-3, MX-5 Miata and the MX-5 Miata RF,  that not only are they smooth and look good on the road, they aim to bring joy out of you when driving them. Features like the Blind Spot monitoring System and the Rear Cross Traffic alert etc. bring me comfort because I know they can make all the difference in a potentially unsafe situation when behind the wheel. 

You can read about a few of our best lived in moments with various Mazda models here.  

Looking for a stylish Floral Bomber Jacket in time for Joyriding this Spring? 
Check out a few of my faves below!

1. Rachel Roy floral print duster // 2. ACEVOG green floral printed short bomber // 3. Anthropolgie floral bomber // 4. Hellomama floral baseball bomber // 5. Goldie embroidered floral bomber jacket // 6. Jason Maxwell black and white detailed bomber // 7. Allegra K floral print bomber jacket // 


  1. i love that look on you,,not everyone can wear one of those and look good,but you pulled it off ,,and the car aint bad either

  2. That is a cute jacket. Nice car too.



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