Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Cleaner Day: The NYC Wellness Crawl that Gave Us Mama's Life at Just $35 #ACleanerDay

First let me preface this with saying that this isn't a sponsored post and that this was hands down the best way to spend a weekend in NYC for less than $50. Bustle and bareMinerals — the creators of clean beauty — hosted a truly unique NYC experience that  rejuvenated our mind, body, and spirit and it was worth every damn dollar! 
Knowing I needed a moment to unwind without the kids, my Christmas gift to myself was a much needed day of self care with my boo Valerie of Mommy R and R to pull me out of my winter funk. A ticket to A Cleaner Day wellness crawl gave attendees full access to: meditation, a yoga session with superstar teacher Jessamyn Stanley, makeup applications, nail art, crafty fun, massages, and so much more! Yes, all of that for just $35, unbelievable right? 

It really pays to just take a moment to read some of the everyday newsletters that jam pack our inboxes from our favorite sites. With the new year approaching I had been trying to clean through any emails that weren't purposeful and I was so hyped to have stumbled upon the cool invite from Bustle & bareMinerals.

While my three guys headed to the Liberty Science Center for a guys day, I quickly threw on my comfiest athleisure wear and bright pink lippie and headed for the train downtown. Of course it being Saturday and in true New York fashion, the trains were crawling and I swore I'd either be greeted by a long line wrapped around the New Museum or that I'd miss the group sound meditation all together. 

I'm sure it didn't help that I stopped to snap this "Give Thanks" wall art, but it was pretty hard to pass up on as I always try to show gratitude for any time I get to unwind.


Valerie had already registered, grabbed her tote bag filled with beauty swag from bare minerals, got comfy on a cute floor cushion and tried to hold me a spot before the doors closed to the theater. Luckily there were multiple sessions of the class with Gemma Gambee and Sara Auster so I headed up to the Sky Room to grab a bite to eat at the DIY parfait station while other guests kicked off their morning by prepping their skin at the bareMinerals touch up station. 

Have you ever tried chia seed pudding? Typically I'm not a fan of textured and mushy things but this was insanely delish. The crowd must have enjoyed it as much as me because it was literally the first thing gone.

Quieting the mind is really tough and I know I have trouble closing all the tabs in my head to just be in the moment for meditation but the more I give it a try, I'm learning to just be proud of my efforts. If you're like me, try not to get so caught up in the stillness and shutting down completely and focus on the intentions behind the action - allowing yourself to slow down is important!

Before heading to the second destination on this wellness crawl a fun perk was that guests were able to peruse the halls of the New Museum at their leisure, so Val and I couldn't help but check out the Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel exhibit. Clearly these sculptures were too intriguing to not step off the elevator to check out, right?


With our map in hand we headed a few blocks over to the swanky Public Hotel for a fabulous lunch, yoga sessions with Jessamyn Stanley who promotes yoga for all bodies, foundation matching at the bareMinerals touch up station and DIY with The Neon Tea Party 
{above photo is owned by Bustle}

No lie, Val and I both had no crazy expectations, a few lite bites and drinks - definitely not the unlimited offerings of sandwiches, salad and the unexpected slices of pizza! Pizza is my arch nemisis so I had to stay clear despite how delish they looked. 

While grabbing our fruit infused sparkling waters, tea and coffee we ended up chatting it up with a few other ladies who were just as surprised as we were with all of the offerings that came with our ticket price. The crowd was a mix of every type of woman, and we all swore that there were going to be additional add-ons in the cost for the extra activities, but nope all inclusive! 

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to take care of my body, I've been practicing for years but nowhere near as consistently as I'd like to. With all the apps and episodes to stream there's really no excuse but I will say I'd much rather take a class with friends or my kids. Being led by Jessamyn was honestly one of the main reasons I knew I had to attend a Cleaner Day. Through body positive messaging she encourages us to forget what we look like when we hit the mat and to focus on how we feel instead!

It's been a minute since I channeled my crafty side, once I left the classroom as a preschool teacher and my boys started getting older it seemed to no longer be a part of my day to day. It was so fun jumping in on a cute tassel, zipper pull making session being led by our blogger boo A.V Perkins who was a part of the Neon Tea Party crew.

Headed towards the Penthouse at Hotel Rivington , our minds and bodies were feeling renewed and we continued to rave about the fantastic afternoon we were having. Now it was time to address our Spirits and we couldn't wait to see what else Bustle and bareMinerals had in store for us. At this point, they really could do no wrong. 


By our third and final stop on the a Cleaner Day Wellness Crawl, we were so hyped to get into the wellness spirit. Guests were greeted with light bites, a DIY mimosa bar, custom nail art & aromatherapy massages from Chillhouse, CBD lattes, braided styling from RPZL and a finished look from bareMinerals.

Massages seem to be something I'm going to have to add to my regular self - care regimen because Knots! I carry all of my stress and tension above my shoulders and my amazing masseuse Alicia couldn't get in to massage all the knots out the way she wanted. I think she felt sorry for me but her hands were magical. The 10 minute massages were probably the most desired activation of the day because the wait was hella long, but worth it.

Can you tell by our cheeseball smiling faces that us two mama's had the best day ever? We get it, it's tough to squeeze a moment of self-care into your day and out of your wallets. The ability to enjoy a day like this would typically cost way more than $35, I mean seriously you can barely get a single manicure, yoga class or massage for that price. They could have easily tripled the price and it would have still been worth it {please don't do that though, folks at Bustle and bareMinerals}. 

Nearly two months later and Valerie and I still talk about the dopest crawl we've ever been on in this city and what's even better is that 100% of the proceeds went to MOVEMEANT Foundation — an organization dedicated to empowering women and girls by providing them with tools, resources, and experiences which use physical movement as a gateway to building confidence and feeling powerful in their own skin.

As a mama who needed a break, an event director here in the city who also attends events as an "influencer" thank you Bustle and bareMinerals for an incredible day. Kudos to you all for creating such a beautifully curated event, the team were all so awesome and the day was presented seamlessly. I'm counting down till next year and will be stalking my emails, if you're here in the city you should be too!!

Have you been on a wellness crawl before? What about this one would have you sign up? 


  1. This looks like an amazing event and wellness and self-care should always be a priority especially for busy working mothers.

  2. I have never been on a wellness crawl before but I sure want too! I can't believe you got to enjoy all of that for 35! It looks like if was hundreds of dollars. There are so many things I need to do to improve the time I spend on selfcare. I would have loved a massage,make tassels, or got some foundation matched!

  3. I need something like this in my life so bad! This looks like it was a blast! Definitely in need of a good massage.

  4. That really looks like money well spent! That was a lot for only $35. I like that "Free from bullshit." If I had known about this I probably would have gone too.

  5. This looks like a fabulouts timeI love Jessamyn!! She's awesome. Self care is so important. I hope you can have more moments like this to reset and rejuvenate.

  6. This was indeed a great bang for your buck. This is an amazing experience, one that I totally need in my life. Without reading this post if I saw a "Wellness Crawl" I would have probably dismissed it right away. I also saw a familiar face.

  7. what a great way to practice self-care. Yes I’ve has chia pudding & it’s so good

  8. I love the idea of a wellness crawl, and the massage is definitely tempting! I would love to test one of these out in Atlanta.



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